You can woo a woman in 6 easy steps

Woo Any Woman
Woo Any Woman

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Throughout the history of mankind, men have been faced with a haunting dilemma. Whether it was a caveman trying to impress the local women with the biggest cave drawings, chivalrous knights jousting for the honour of the local fair maidens, or a lonely college student swiping through Tinder on a Friday night, men have always sought the company of the most beautiful women. However, for many men, this is a nearly impossible task.

Their hands get sweaty, they start to stutter, and eventually, the girls walk away. This can lead to many negative effects, such as low self-confidence, self-worth, and a loss of happiness. Luckily, there is a six-step process that is almost guaranteed to land you the girl of your dreams.

Step 1: Show Your Value

This step is such a simple one, yet it is often overlooked in the dating world. People often forget that we are just fancy chimpanzees with opposable thumbs. In the wild, we can see how important showing value is when it comes to finding a mate.

For example, male peacocks fan out their beautiful feathers to compete for the most beautiful females, and this is what you must do to land Mrs. Right. Wear a fancy hat, strut out in some colourful shoes, or put on that goofy-looking bowtie in the back of your closet, and you’ll be sure to be the center of attention wherever you decide to go out. Don’t worry about looking silly, as science has shown that the most important thing that females are looking for is confidence, and in your dazzling new outfit, you’re oozing with it.

Step 2: Physical Touch

Now it’s time for the toughest part for most men. Yeah, you have the small talk out of the way, and you think that she is into you, now you’ve got to initiate physical contact. By connecting physically, you are showing your interest, as well as gauging the interest of the female. Make sure to not be forward with this move.

A simple touch of the shoulder should be enough to tell if you have the girl on the line. If she frowns or looks confused, apologizes and move on to the next girl at the bar. If she smiles and seems into it, bingo! You’ve just completed step two, and you’re moving on up in the world!

Step 3: Create Dependence

If you’ve made it this far, you might start to worry and panic. Don’t! It is crucial in this step to keep your cool in this step if you really want to create an attachment between yourself and your dream girl. This means doing things that might seem irrational, such as taking longer than expected to respond to text messages or bailing last minute on plans.

These ideas may seem idiotic, but they have been proven to increase the feelings that a woman has since you are seemingly always just outside of her reach.

Step 4: Manage Emotions

Once you have created a dependence, you have to manage these emotions. You may start to feel the same strong emotions that she has shown she has for you, but you have to stay strong! Taking things slowly in your budding romance is the key to a long-lasting love flame.

By managing the emotions that you have for her, you can make sure that you escape the dreaded burnout that many new relationships face.

Step 5: A Bright Light at the End of the Tunnel?

This step in the wooing process is all about inspiring hope. At this point in the relationship, she might be wondering if you really have any feelings for her at all, and doubts are starting to race around all the crevices of her brain.

Now it’s time to bring out the true romantic inside of you and open up. Tell her things that no one else in the world knows about you, play a few songs for her on the guitar, and light some candles and get ready for her heart to truly start melting for you.

Step 6: All Good Things Must Come to An End (OPTIONAL)

Things between the two of you seem to be going swimmingly, yes? However, we know that these things do not last forever. To get ahead of the curve and back into the dating game, you are going to have to let your love down easily.

This is a hard thing to do for many men since they do not want to let go of the woman that they have lusted for, but there are much more fish in the sea that you need to see if you connect with before you decide to settle down with any single woman.

If you closely follow this six-step process, you will be able to woo any woman you like. Who knows, maybe reading this particular article will lead you to the love of your life? No guarantees, but by following these tried and trusted tips, you are definitely better prepared for the dating world that we all live in today.

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