Who is Chelsea Chanel Dudley – Is Chanel West Coast Trans?

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Chanel West Coast, or Chanel Dudley to her fans, is a multi-talented rapper and rising star in the entertainment business. She has gained many loyal fans with her fierce voice and stunning looks.

It is no secret that the star is in her 30s, but her relevance to the industry is just as great as anyone else’s. She has also shown an interest in the business in addition to her singing achievements.

Through her business ventures, she has accumulated an impressive portfolio. This illustrates her expertise in a wide range of fields.

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Chanel West Coast Early Life

Chanel was born on 1 September 1988 in Los Angeles, California. Chelsea Chanel Dudley is her full name. She was raised by her DJ father. Chanel’s childhood was not easy, as she was forced to spend most of her time with her estranged mother. In spite of Chanel’s young age, Chanel’s parents decided to part ways when she was very young. Chanel was greatly affected by her parents’ divorce. Chanel spent time with her parents between North Hollywood and New York after her divorce.

Life After her Parent’s Divorce

She lived with her mother in North Hollywood, while her father pursued a career as a DJ in New York. Chanel recalls her most memorable childhood experiences with her father accompanying him on his performances across clubs.

It is unknown what Chanel’s early education was like, but it is said that she attended Taft High School. She dropped out after only two years since it wasn’t a good fit for her. She homeschooled the rest of her high school education.

chanel west coast

Rise to Fame

From an early age, Coast has shown an interest in the music industry. The reason for this can be attributed to her father, who was affiliated with the industry and passed down his passion to her. When her passion for the industry grew, her parents noticed.

They enrolled her in singing and dancing lessons so that she could learn. Despite many competitions, she beat most of her competitors and won much fame for her accomplishments.

As an entertainer, Chanel demonstrated skills and expertise that helped her to become more recognized and allowed her interest in the music industry to flourish.

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Is Chanel West Coast Transgender?

A great deal of controversy has arisen over whether or not this individual is transgender. The viral meme began in 2015, stating that Lee Norris was transformed into Chanel West Coast by sex-swapping surgery. However, this was not true.

Nevertheless, it became the talk of the town because so many people believed the lie. A joke became something much more serious. Channel West Coast is an entirely different person from Lee Norris. But many people mistook them both for the same person and began to ask questions about Chanel’s sexuality.

It was Chanel herself who admitted that all of this was a lie and that the rumors and accusations were entirely false. In addition, she said that she had always been a girl, and she and Lee Norris are very different people.

Considering that Chanel stated that these transformation stories are lies, it can be noted that Chanel is not transgender. In spite of the fact that Lee Norris and Chanel are two separate individuals, their features may seem similar. Since there is a major age gap between the two of them, this rumor was a total fabrication.

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Chanel West Coast Music Career

Her career as a musician began in 2009. Throughout her career, Chanel collaborated with many artists. As part of Chanel’s debut year, Tiffanie Anderson joined her on the song “Melting like Ice-cream.” She also appeared in Planet Hollywood’s “PHAMOUS.”

This was also a collaboration alongside Midi Mafia. Chanel signed with a record label “Palow Da Don.” However, she never actually released any song with them. Instead, she focused more on her solo career. She uploaded them on the internet, where fans could easily enjoy them for free.

Her big break came in 2012. Her contract with Young Money Entertainment had just been signed by Lil Wayne. Under the same record label, Chanel released a mixtape in 2013 called “Now You Know.” This is said to have created a wealth of opportunities for her career.

Why is Chanel West Coast Relevant today?

Chanel West doesn’t seem to be involved in too many scandals or rumors aside from the trans story. The fact that she has a diverse array of skills that make her relevant in today’s unpredictable entertainment industry makes her relevant.

As such, if we put the trans controversy aside, Chanel has managed to build a pretty positive reputation in the industry. Additionally, her music career has launched off and has been hailed by many as “fantastic.”

Channel West Coach is regarded as a talented and hardworking individual who pursued her dreams with a passion and didn’t give up on them. She showed no emotion at all when the trans controversy began. She even jokingly made fun of it.

It is widely known that she is a very successful rapper and businesswoman. During her career, she has worked with many legends in the music industry and has expanded her career to new heights. Although she is young, she is still popular in the industry.

chanel west coast

Chanel West Coast net worth

As of 2021, Chanel West Coast has a net worth of $3 million.

The majority of her wealth is from her success as a Tv personality, and to this day, she is a co-host on Ridiculousness.

Chanel West Coast Boyfriend

The longtime Ridiculousness star has certainly had her share of past relationships despite being single and ready to mingle. According to Chanel, she has been in two relationships over the years.

Liam Horne was first, followed by rapper Solo Lucci.

However, the rapper knows exactly what she’s looking for in a life partner. “I do like being an independent woman, but I’m really sick of being held down in my career by everyone and their mother,” the reality babe wrote in a now-deleted message on Instagram in December 2019. “Can a successful and powerful man marry me already so this industry can finally stop holding me down?” Preach!

Chanel West Coast Nude

Chanel West Coast flaunts her head-to-toe tan as she frolics around a Miami beach in a lavender bikini.

And the rapper and MTV personality showed off her curves with another day soaking up the sun in Miami Beach on Monday, during what she said was her first proper vacation in more than a year.

The bombshell brunette, 32, turned heads in a stylish lavender bikini as she spent time lounging on the sand and stepping into the ocean water.