Where it all began

Where it all began


  1. Ehm what? That is like saying the earth is 2000 years old. Started with UNIX (if we go what Microsoft based everything on) but if we wanna go Microsoft it is MSDOS, but first with real good UI was Windows 3.0-3.14 and the first with what we have today was Windows 95, and the first really good Windows was Windows 98. XP was just a very very good Windows after Service Pack 2

  2. I remember Microsoft showing Windows 1.0 at Comdex in Las Vegas in 1984. Running on the best hardware of the time and a large color monitor, it seemed clunky compared to a Mac. I know of no one who used it. It was not until Windows 3.1 and its Microsoft Office apps that Microsoft took off. BTW, 3.0 had all the innovations but was buggy.

  3. Not sure, is this child .NET Core framework or something, and his dad is .NET framework? As long as they don’t introduce him to uncle bob.

  4. Also, the beginning for newer windows OS started with Windows NT 1.0 with an early pre Windows 3.1 interface. So, keep reaching back further. I grew up partly on a TRS-80/Model 100 in late 80’s before my dad got a PC XT and an external 8-inch floppy drive and accoustic coupler modem to dial into his job as a programmer for commercial HVAC at Honeywell (which here, shared the office with WANG Computing)

  5. Nope. Windows 95 is where it at…either that or Mac.

    Shit, I remember booting up Oregon Trail and always getting mad that i can’t save my progress and finally making it to Oregon with all my families.