Welcome To Kiev Ukraine – Travel The World

Welcome To Kiev Ukraine – Travel The World

Kiev is not just the capital city of Ukraine. It is the mother city for all East Slavic people. It is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, and the modern, cosmopolitan city of Kiev, which is the pride of Europe, has seen many ups and downs in its tumultuous history. By 12th century A.D, Kiev was one of the largest cities of the world, and served as a major trade center between the Baltic and the Mediterranean states. Established in the 5th century, Kiev was all but destroyed by the rampaging Nazis, who killed most of the Jews residing here, destroying the cultural heritage and historic monuments as well. But the resilience of the people and the brave attempts of the authorities soon saw the city stand up back to its old glory. Despite all the sufferings, repressions, killings, and political turmoil, the spirit of the people of Kiev has never died and they have braved all disasters smilingly.

With Ukraine declaring independence from the rule of Moscow on 24th of August, 1991, Kiev became its official capital, and in the last two decades has seen exceptional development on all fronts, whether it is architectural or in the lifestyle of the people of the city. Today, the city of Kiev has become a hot tourist destination in the world because of its rich cultural heritage and modern facilities. The city has embassies of over a hundred countries and there is a constant influx of tourists, business community, students and political dignitaries all year round.

Kiev has really stood the test of time. It has braved many assaults, including the brutal Mongol invasion, massive pulverization at the hands of the Nazis, destruction of the churches by the Soviets and some ecological disasters such as the infamous Chernobyl explosion in the year 1986. Each time the city of Kiev has risen like a Phoenix from the ashes, much stronger and more resilient than ever.

Kiev is a bustling city with a population of around 3 million. The official language is Ukrainian, although a sizeable number of people speak Russian as well. Kiev is known the world over for its museums and beautiful cathedrals and churches. The city is divided into two parts by the River Dnipro, which passes in between like a snake. There are some great architectural marvels on the either side of this river. Modern buildings, which are wonders of great architecture, stand next to some historical monuments, thus presenting a stark contrast of modernity along with old cultural heritage of the city. There are some excellent bars and restaurants in the city that cater to the taste of tourists from all over the world.

Any visit to the magnificent city of Kiev typically begins with the Golden Gate of Kiev that was built in 1037. For those inclined to arts and culture, there are numerous operas and theaters. The world famous Ukrainian pottery and arts and handicrafts are easily available at hundreds of shops littered around the city. The city of Kiev has something to offer to tourists of all tastes and cultural backgrounds, and the people are warm and hospitable.