We Know We’re Millennials If We Have 20 Of These 24 Things In Our Kitchen

We Know We're Millennials If We Have 20 Of These 24 Things In Our Kitchen


Millennials get a lot of flak for enjoying avocado toast and this is the food that is most associated with this generation. I think that it makes zero sense to make fun of us for this because come on, avocado toast is truly delicious. Besides guac, this is my preferred way to eat this creamy green fruit (with a side of fried eggs).

The truth is that a lot of us are teaching ourselves to cook and we would rather stay in and make a nice meal than go to a fancy and expensive restaurant. It’s satisfying to make your own dinner instead of picking up takeout or going out.

In July 2018, Better Homes and Gardens released a survey about the way that millennial women eat and cook, and it’s super interesting. According to, “The overarching finding for 2018 is that women, specifically millennial women, are more interested than ever in global flavours and foods. However, while their palettes are wide-ranging and international, there is an increased focus on sourcing ingredients locally, including their own backyards. Entertaining and eating at home is also on the rise, reinforcing the idea that local and intimate are important.”

What do millennials keep in their pantry? If we have 20 of these 24 things in our pantry or fridge, then we can be sure that we’re a millennial.

24. Mason Jars


We can be certain that we’ll have at least a few mason jars hanging around in our kitchen if we’re millennials. There is really no doubt about it.

While some people might poke fun at us for loving mason jars so much, we can’t help it: they’re trendy for a reason. Mason jars are incredibly helpful to have around. You can make a smoothie and then put it in a mason jar to bring to work with you. You can put rice or oats or nuts in mason jars and keep them on the kitchen counter, which looks lovely and also serves a functional purpose. We love them, okay?!

23. Cold Pressed Juice

via Chicago Tribune

Cold pressed juice is supposed to be healthier than other types of juice, which is a big reason that so many of us love it so much.

This is a trend that a lot of us have gotten on board with because it’s so easy to drink juice and feel good about getting those nutrients in. It’s just not as easy to eat a ton of fruit and veggies every day because we’re busy people and, well, sometimes you just don’t want green vegetables. That’s a real thing that we struggle with. We probably have cold-pressed juice in our fridge right now if we’re millennials (and we probably have already enjoyed one today).

22. Bacon

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Many millennials absolutely love bacon because it’s the perfect thing to make when it’s Sunday and we want to make brunch at home.

We’ll never be tired of a plate of eggs and bacon and maybe pancakes or waffles or whatever carb sounds amazing to us right now. Bacon will never not be something that we adore and always want to eat. Whether we make breakfast for dinner or actual breakfast in the morning, we want this on our plates. We might splurge for a brand that is of a higher quality and lower in sugar, though.

21. Cauliflower

via Plated

While kale is still popular, cauliflower has really given it a run for its money in the past year or so. People are going nuts for what many of us thought was a super dull white vegetable just a short time ago.

We know that we’re millennials if we have cauliflower in our fridge at any given moment. We love to roast it with some olive oil, salt and pepper, or maybe with some spices. We can also make a cauliflower mash as a potato substitute which is also a good idea. And it’s not even weird to like cauliflower. That’s how trendy it has become.

20. Alternative Milks

via FoodNavigator-USA

Alternative milk is a huge thing for millennials. Many of us don’t eat or drink dairy anymore because of allergies or wanting to follow a plant-based diet, so it makes sense to keep almond milk around.

Almond milk is the best for smoothies since it doesn’t have a super strong flavor, and we can bake with it, too. Oat milk is the one you want to use for lattes and hot drinks, and cashew cream is downright delicious. We can also find a brand that we don’t mind drinking straight up without blending it with anything. If we’re a millennial, then we probably have at least one carton of the stuff in our fridge. (And even if we don’t drink the stuff, our roommate or partner probably does.)

19. Fancy, Gluten-Free Crackers

via Barefeet in the Kitchen

If we’re millennials, then we’ve probably fallen for the charcuterie craze so we love buying fancy crackers, and we’ve also started eating healthy.

This means that whether we choose to avoid gluten or not, we at least buy some gluten-free products from time to time. And we might live with a partner who is GF or have a friend or family member who has a food allergy or Celiac. We probably have gluten-free crackers in our pantry and they are super fancy and honestly as good as the real deal thing. No, seriously, they really are. You just have to find the right brand. There are some kinds out there made with sweet potato or even kale if you want to be extra millennial.

18. Artisanal Jerky


Do we have artisanal jerky in our kitchen? That would be a yes. If we’re millennials, then we definitely have bought some recently.

This has become a big thing and we get it: it’s delicious. Why would we buy regular old beef jerky when we can buy brands that are so much better for us? This stuff is the greatest when we want a snack that we can bring to work or wherever we’re going. It’s protein-packed and so much healthier than most things that we could be snacking on, like potato chips or crackers that have too much salt.

17. Corn Tortillas

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The Washington Post says that millennials should keep corn tortillas around, and we totally agree. What do millennials love more than tacos, or Taco Tuesday, or posting the fact that it’s Taco Tuesday on social media?!

Many of us definitely keep corn tortillas on hand at all times. We want to make tacos when the mood strikes, after all, and we know that tacos make a great meal no matter what time of day it is. We can make breakfast tacos with scrambled eggs and hot sauce and cheese, or we can have tacos for dinner. It’s just the best.

16. Ripe Avocados (And Lots Of Them)

via Popsugar Australia

We knew this was coming, right? We’re millennials and so we eat avocados. And we eat a lot of avocados. And we need them to be the absolutely right texture and ripeness so we can eat them on salad, toast, or make guac at the drop of a hat. Yes, this is a need.

Just like Kramer taught Jerry how to pick out a perfect avocado on Seinfeld once (not too hard, not too soft), we’ve learned this art, too, and as millennials, we’ve definitely mastered it. We will never run out of avocados. It would be a real tragedy.

15. Fair Trade Coffee Beans

via Travel + Leisure

Some millennials are definitely going to have coffee beans in their kitchen (unless they go to Starbucks or another coffee shop every day, which is also possible).

Millennials are into the “pour over method” for making coffee which means sitting a filter on top of your cup and pouring the water over the coffee grounds. It’s super simple and a really good way to make this beloved drink. Millennials love fancy things and this process feels fancy for sure. Of course, these coffee beans absolutely must be fair trade. This is something that this generation cares a lot about for sure.

14. Sriracha

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There’s hot sauce… and then there’s Sriracha. Millennials know that this condiment is a really big deal and super important. We probably have this in our kitchen if we’re part of this generation. We feel very, very strongly about Sriracha and will never listen to anyone who says that it’s overrated. We don’t think so at all.

This condiment is so great on everything from eggs to quinoa to, well, anything. It makes any meal more interesting. We can also use Sriracha in a marinade or make a sauce with it. It would basically be weird if we couldn’t find a million uses for it since we all love it so much.

13. Kale

via Healthline

Okay, so kale has been talked about since forever as the best green vegetable ever, the healthiest superfood, and something to eat all the time. We might be over it. We might have never loved it.

But chances are, if we’re a millennial, then we have it in our kitchen. Some of us might not because, again, we’re not big fans, but the rest of us are still on the whole kale thing and we don’t care what anyone else has to say about it. It’s a green vegetable that is cool to like… which is weird when we think about it but that’s where we are.

12. Granola

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Many millennials love making acai bowls or smoothie bowls for breakfast. People always say that the best thing about this particular dish is adding whatever toppings you want to your bowl. That’s why granola is something that many millennials keep in their pantry.

Granola is perfect because we can add it to smoothie bowls as mentioned above (and then post them on social media). Or we can just grab a handful and eat it as a snack whatever we want… which will be a lot. Granola is tough to stay away from. We just love those glorious carbs, don’t we?!

11. Kimchi

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According to the survey by Better Homes and Gardens, kimchi is something that millennials keep in the pantry. It’s part of millennials wanting to eat exciting, global flavors, as the survey mentions. If we’re part of this generation, then we might have some at all times, too.

Kimchi is fermented veggies, usually cabbage. We can find kimchi in most supermarkets and the cool thing is that we can add this to literally anything that we’re eating. Kimchi is also super healthy since it has probiotics, and eating healthy has definitely become a trend that many of us millennials want to follow.

10. Protein Powder

via Medical News Today

Many of us love to work out and have found something that makes us want to sweat, whether it’s Crossfit or barre or yoga or something like that. It’s a millennial trend to want to be healthy and that includes regular exercise, which means that we need something to eat before or after our workouts.

A lot of us have protein powder in our pantry at all times. This could be vegan and made from pea protein or brown rice, or it could be collagen protein powder which has become really popular. Either way, protein powder is great to add to smoothies.

9. Coconut Oil

via Supermarket News

If there is a type of oil that has become trendy in the past few years, it would have to be coconut oil. And since millennials are learning to cook and enjoying it, it makes sense that we might have coconut oil in our cupboards if we love to cook on a regular basis.

While many of us use coconut oil to cook with, the rest of us are busy using it in all kinds of non-cooking ways. A lot of people actually use it as a moisturizer, and if we think that sounds like a great idea, then we’re probably a millennial.

8. Cauliflower Rice

via Taste

On that note… we know that we’re definitely millennials if we have at least one storebought bag of pre-shredded cauliflower rice in our fridge. Can we even be millennials if we don’t? That would probably be a no.

As we all know, the idea of subbing this vegetable for rice has become a huge food trend recently, and if we’ve tried cauli rice, then we know that it’s good. It’s legit filling and a good way to eat a low-carb meal if that’s what we want to do. Of course carbs are delicious but sometimes you just want something lighter. And if we find it tough to eat veggies, this is a good way.

7. Veggie Spiralizer

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Are we millennials if we don’t use a spiralizer to make noodles out of zucchini? That would be a no.

We totally love the idea of making our meals healthier and that means zucchini noodles (also called “zoodles”). We can also use our spiralizer for carrot or sweet potato noodles. This is one of those kitchen gadgets that we really love having around. While many of us think that kitchen gadgets are overrated and that you don’t need very many at all, if we’re millennials, then we think that the spiralizer is definitely something that is very necessary. How else are we going to eat pasta without eating actual pasta?

6. Chia Seeds

via EatingWell

Chia seeds couldn’t be more helpful to keep around in the fridge. Maybe we didn’t know what to do with these little seeds when we first heard about them a few years ago and first tried them. But now we know.

Making chia seed pudding is so great and it’s an easy breakfast that has protein. Chia seeds, almond milk, fruit, nut butter on top — it’s so perfect. Sure, some of our friends might still think that eating chia seeds is super strange, but that’s okay because the rest of us are really in love with them. We just love being healthy, okay?!

5. Hot Sauce

via Cook’s Illustrated

Oh, how we love hot sauce. Hot sauce is the best on fried eggs, scrambled eggs, and, okay, any kind of eggs. We can put it on a burger. We can put it on already spicy chilli (because, yes, we really do love super spicy food). It’s just a good thing to have around, which is why it’s probably in our cupboard right now.

There are so many kinds of hot sauce, including jalapeno or chipotle, and it’s best to try a few different brands and a few different flavours to find the one that speaks to us the most. Finding the hot sauce that we consider to be the best one ever will transform our meals.

4. Chipotle Chilis In Adobo Sauce

via Serious Eats

We’ll also know that we’re millennials if we have this ingredient in our pantry. According to Better Homes and Gardens, “This shift to more global flavours is now reflected in the ingredients they use on a regular basis.” The survey found that 80 percent of millennials “say they like to cook new regional or ethnic foods.”

This is an awesome ingredient to add to beef chilli, make sauces, or use in a marinade for protein. We’ll feel really fancy and cool if we buy it and use it all the time, which is another good reason to cook with it. It just makes whatever food we’re making that much more delicious.

3. Gluten-Free Bread

via Exploring Domesticity

It’s more and more common to be gluten-free for an allergy, other health reason, or just out of personal preference. If we have gluten-free bread in our freezer (yup, that’s where you have to keep it), then we know that we’re a millennial.

Some of these are definitely cardboard-like and best avoided. Other brands are actually delicious and you really couldn’t tell the difference. (Chances are, we’re also a millennial if someone we know says that we can’t tell the difference between GF-bread and regular bread. It’s a thing.)

2. Almond Butter

via Cooking Light

Cooking Light notes that nut butter is something that millennials keep in their pantry, and if we’re part of this generation, then we would definitely have to agree.

We probably have almond butter or peanut butter in our pantry since these are the two most popular kinds of nut butter, but for some reason, the almond butter trend has really skyrocketed as of late. There is really nothing better than being starving and then grabbing a spoonful of nut butter. It always fills us up and makes us happy. We can also use it in sauces or eat it for breakfast on oatmeal or toast, so it’s a really great thing to keep on hand.

1. Spicy Mayo

via A Southern Soul

Millennials love spicy food, and if we’re millennials, then we know that spicy mayo is one of the greatest condiments out there. That means that a bottle of spicy mayo is in our fridge right now.

Maybe we have a favourite brand that we always buy when we head to the grocery store… or maybe we take things one step further and make it from scratch. It’s pretty easy to do and it’s a good way to feel like we’ve really mastered the art of cooking. Sure, it’s just mayo, but it can be used in so many different ways that it feels like a really big deal.