Here's how to get smarter

Ways to Become Smarter Every Week

It’s no secret that your ability to succeed is often dependent on how smart you are. It’s also public information that true intelligence recognizes that you never stop learning, even after school.

With the right habits and consistent practice, anyone can be more knowledgeable, sharpen their intellect, and acquire new skills. Below are some of the best ways to activate your mind and grow your intelligence every week so you can overcome the never-ending challenges hurdling your way.

Have A One-way Conversation With A Book

Your mind is a lot like a muscle: the more you use it the stronger it will become. Think of reading like a bench press for developing your mind, instead of your chest. Enough with the analogies, it’s one of the most ancient ways we acquire and empower knowledge and exercise our creative imagination as we picture the sentences we process.

Regular reading can improve our memory and concentration, widen our vocabulary (enhance communication), and lead to stronger analytical thinking skills. Books are the medium through which we get a glimpse inside brilliant minds. By reading, we add a little brilliance to ourselves by having a one-way conversation with the author. They talk, we listen, or, erm, read.

Don’t Just Absorb, Dig Deeper

There’s skimming something for general knowledge, and then there’s true wisdom, which comes from deeply understanding a subject. The best performers always outpace everyone else because they’re able to dig deeper, critically think about new information, and adopt new skills.

Instead of simply agreeing with something you just read or learned some other way, ask why that is–and that will lead you to more information, deepening your understanding of the entire topic. A great way to dig deeper is to ask questions–it’s how innovation is born. Challenging ideas is how we push the boundaries of our world and our mind. Start by steadily building a base on a few key topics and issues. Then reflect on your weak areas and reinforce your understanding. Remember, knowledge is cumulative, don’t try and skip to chapter 10 when you don’t even know the key definitions. One “hard” question and you’re donzo. A flexible mindset understands problems, asks the right questions, and whips up solutions fast. This is the foundation needed to come out on top through intelligence.

Diversify Your Day

One of the most effective ways to increase intelligence is by flexing different areas of your brain. Doing the same thing every day will exercise only one part of your brain. But, through a little novelty in your day-to-day, you activate different areas of your brain to keep things interesting. This can be anything, really. Whether it’s visiting a new place for breakfast, or a midday stroll observing the nature around you. In light of COVID-19, you should learn a new skill altogether and even better, capitalize on it. Maybe you can look into SEO copywriting and start making it a lucrative side hustle. Or, learn how to solve the Rubik’s cube. Whatever speaks to you.

Not only will this help with boredom but it will increase your intelligence by pushing you to flex your brainpower in various ways.