Top 5 Scary Real Ghosts Caught On Camera

Top 5 Scary Broadcasts Live On TV

There are many scary stories of the paranormal throughout history. With our advanced technology, modern paranormal investigations have taken place to reveal some real ghosts. With many people trying to determine whether the footage is real or fake, we happen to have footage of a ghost caught on camera.

Today on Top 5 Scary Videos, we bring you our list of the Top 5 Scary Real Ghosts Caught On Camera.


  1. I've already seen everyone of these videos-they ae MUCH better when you play them with the sound. rather than your narration-for example when the youngest girl finally saw what her older sister did she let oose a BLOPDCURDLING SCREAM that an ONLY be appreciated when HEARD. If these are what your videos will be like I must respectfully Decline

  2. Ok I love you guys at Top 5 and the fun stories you folks tell but when you start posting vids using the term "real" for ghosts and such you lose me.

  3. I used to live in one of the oldest streets in my city in one of the oldest houses, I remember seeing people all the time in our house I remember always having visitors who would sometimes talk to me and sometimes wouldn’t they were always nice never frightened me. I made a friend with one of them who was also a little girl. When I grew up my mom and I would talk about our old houses, I brought up why we always had people at our house and asked her what happened to my old friend who would come over all the time. What she said made my stomach drop, she said we never had guests over constantly and if we did they were family. She also never recalled me having a friend come over and play. I wonder now in my 20’s who was she…😳 does she remember me like I remember her, I’m slightly scared to go back and visit the house after all these years…would they know me, is she waiting for me?

  4. I think the inescapable fact of our age is that there is no way to prove or disprove the presence of extra dimensional phenomena. One person can be convinced of an event, but any story they tell or evidence they collect will always be suspect, regardless of how much work they do to make it plausible and scientific.

    In the same token, it's virtually impossible to scientifically prove the absence of something's existence.

    Many people claim that you have to have an open mind to have paranormal experiences. Maybe these experiences happen only in their own mind. Scientists barely understand how the brain's of humans can do all they can.

    Are these experiences fabrications of the mind? Or is it that paranormal entities can only interact on the smallest quantum level of physics, where many scientists think consciousness occurs between synapses?

  5. So much of Carlos' night time hike could be friends, could also just be the light from his flashlight casting shadows. Would we see the figures if they weren't pointed out to us? Honestly I don't even see it the second time it can be clearly seen. I see shadows, and reflections. Ghosts don't wear reflective clothing and human's eyes don't reflect light the same way animals do.

  6. The Sallie house has been investigated by multiple TV paranormal investigators. However from my understanding, most of those paranormal investigators are labeled as actors or have been proven to be over dramatized hoaxes. Show me something that isn't repeated in each investigation show and I may be more apt to believe.

  7. At number 5 I used to go alone for walkes at nigth too but stoped for some time and here and there I allways whent with someone. But as I was saying few days ago I was going for a bike ride at nigth with no ligth wearing all black and beacuse I live in an area were there is woods everywere I went on on path I hadend been yet when it was nigth and Ik there is a small house abandend alredy hhalf of it towrn down and Ik there is a weird baisment wth a big hole beacuse an old tree fell and made that houle and ik there are two biger houses alsow abandonde and it was an almost full moon and I was alredy in the wood near thouse houses and I felt weird so I stoped and lisend for a few seconds and I heard infront of me branxes that are on the ground braking and cus I needed to go uphill i jumped of my bike started pushing it up and I started running thill I made it out of the wood and on the roud but never again am I going to a Woods at night. Lot of creppy stuff happane at the place I live but I can't move to a diferent place cus I'm not an adould yet.

  8. I have a story that is paranormal at newyears I was at a friends house with few other friends and we were sharing paranormal storeys I will coment them if someone will be interested hahah but lets continue so we were at the house and somewere around 2 or 3 AM we heard noise like someone walking loudly or moving a table and we knew one of our friend who got drunk was sleeping up there so I whent with a friend to chek on him but what we saw was him sleeping and it didn't look like he got up or moved anything so we went downstairs and few minutes leater we heard the same noise so we cheked again and he was perfectly still as he was when we cekd erlier cus the sheets werent moved in a diferent way and we went down again litel conserend and then at 4 or 5 AM we heard a TV beeing turned on and half hour leater the shot off and at 6 AM I and 2 other friends were stil awake and wached videos bout the Rake and after that we looked outside throw the window and we saw some black shadow runing away outside and leater at 7 AM we asked the friend that was upstairs if he wached TV and he looked at us like we were crazy and sed no I was sleeping the whole time, then we told him what we heard and he was just confused and scared like all of us basaclly we left that house and never reterned again. That house is idk the english word for it but it's like a second house more for weekends.

  9. He finds a hole on the side of a cliff? When did anyone ever come across a hole on the side of a cliff ouside of a Pokémon game? Did he then proceeded to enter a random house and rummage through their trash too?

  10. The first one was a set up, stupid dude. The one with the kids though, I like..animals and kids man, they see things. The Sallie house is well documented, I am a true believer in the paranormal but it's the living that make make things up pisses me off. Cheers Lucy! ☠💀

  11. Belgrave Hall in Leicester is renowned to be haunted & I saw a 'Woman in White' many years ago, do I believe!
    Is it wise to go looking or provoke spirits!
    I know of a ghost hunter who retired after one too many encounters & now carries wards to protect himself and his family.
    Don't poke the bear! 😎