Top 5 Reasons to Turn Off the Hot Water and Bathe Cold

Cold water causes your blood to move to your organs to keep them warm.
Cold water causes your blood to move to your organs to keep them warm.

Coldwater Is a Significantly Better Option To Bathe In

Hot water can feel so good after a long day at work. But did you know there’s something better than hot water when it comes to bathing?

It’s cold water.

That’s right. Coldwater is a significantly better option to bathe in. Here we’ll explain the top 5 cold shower benefits. We’ll tell you why you should switch off the hot water tap and bathe in cold water.

Coldwater can help you heal post-workout and reduce pain

Exercise aids in releasing hormones called prostaglandins and other essential nutrients, which can swell up your muscles.

While it may feel great to take a hot bath after a challenging workout, the heat can inflame your muscles a lot more. This can cause more significant muscle soreness, tiredness and pain.

But cold water is ideal for reducing the inflammation in your muscles after work out. The cold water cools your skin and starts to reduce the swelling in your muscles from the surface layers to the deepest muscle layers. As the inflammation goes down, so does any muscle soreness and pain.

In fact, this is one of the reasons why athletes are told to take a bath in ice-cold water after play. The cold water reduces the chance of injuring their muscles more and worsening their condition.

Additionally, cold water speeds up blood circulation in the muscles, which allows your muscles to regain proper functioning quickly.

Coldwater can increase metabolism and help you lose weight

One primary area where cold water baths help is in metabolism and weight loss.

Research has shown that cold showers – when taken regularly – can help activate brown fat. The human body needs to maintain 98 degrees Fahrenheit (anywhere between 97 & 99 degrees F works). But when we take a cold shower, we reduce our skin temperature and in our limbs. When this happens, the body’s core temperature needs to rise to warm us up again. This is where the cold bath increases our metabolism.

The brown fat in our fat cells is quickly burnt to increase our core body temperature. The more often you take cold showers – say two times a day – this process happens more often. As the body’s metabolism increases, the brown fat is burnt up more quickly to increase our core temperature.

Of course, while we are talking about cold shower benefits for weight loss and metabolism, we have to remember limitations. Cold showers cannot help you lose weight to the level you need, if you are struggling with obesity. Here the cold bath helps over months, to make you feel healthier.

The Benefits of Showering in Cold Water
The Benefits of Showering in Cold Water

It can boost your immunity

This is one of the most potent cold shower benefits. Numerous clinical studies have shown that exposure to cold water can stimulate the release of leukocytes in the body. These leukocytes are responsible for strengthening our immunity against the flu, common cold and infections.

Additionally, regular cold water immersion has been found to elevate counts of blood catecholamines. This has been found to activate the immune system. So, standing under the shower or immersing yourself for a few seconds in a tub filled with cold water or even bathing in a freezing pond/river can give you a more robust immune system.

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It can make your skin and hair more beautiful

When you skip the hot shower and take a bath in cold water, you create an opportunity to get radiant skin and healthy hair. Here’s how.

As the cold water cools the surface of your skin, it starts closing the pores on your skin. The cold water reduces any inflammation in your skin as well. So, if you have applied any facial cleansers or face masks before your bath, the cold water ensures that these nutrients are locked inside your skin. These nutrients work deep in your skin and reduce the appearance of acne, skin dryness and discoloration. This exact mechanism ensures that the natural oils in your face are not stripped away (this is something hot water does) and remains. Ultimately, it results in more beautiful and blemish-free skin.

Cold water also helps make your hair shinier and grow better. It does this by preventing the oils in your scalp from drying out because of heat (when bathing in hot water). Additionally, it increases circulation to return your lowered temperature to normal after a cold bath. The increased circulation will heal damaged hair follicles and infuse your hair with essentials nutrients, which increases its ability to grow.

Coldwater can help you cope with mood swings

A research article published in the Medical Hypotheses publication showed that cold water could activate the sympathetic nervous system. In doing so, cold water stimulates the release of happy hormones such as endorphins and norepinephrine. These help people cope with the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Additionally, when cold water falls on your skin, it creates a jolt of sensations that pass from the skin to the neurons in the brain. This increases your awareness and clarity, allowing you to reduce the negative mood swings you’ve been experiencing.

Of course, we need to remember that while cold shower benefits for mood swings are powerful, they should not entirely replace any medication you have been prescribed from your doctor.

Additionally, be sure to consult your physician if you can take regular cold showers, so you don’t fall ill. If they give the green signal, skip the hot baths and bathe cold. As we’ve discussed, cold showers are incredibly beneficial and healthy for us.