Top 5 Cruise Ship Disasters

For today’s video we decided to do the top five cruise ship disasters. Let us know in the comments below some of your ideas for future top five videos! Experts agree that a cruise ship sailing out over a body of water is not likely to feel any impacts from a tsunami’s waves


  1. Titanic wasn't a cruise ship, it was an ocean liner. And if we are including ocean liners on the list, there are many worse accidents than most of the entrees mentioned here. For example, the Wilhelm Gustloff, a German ocean liner, was sunk in World War II and estimated 9000-10000 people died compared to Titanic's 1500.

    Sorry, mate, but I had to give a downvote to your vid, you shouldn't be making informational videos if you are so uninformed. Many of your statements about Titanic, even, were false. For example, 6 of her compartments were filled, not 5, and also most passengers died from the cold since the water was below freezing, not from drowning.

  2. People thought American Democracy was unsinkable. It took only one deranged, mendacious, narcissistic, delusional, selfish, cruel, man to nearly sink it. But we're recovering, after 500,000 deaths and unending misery.

  3. i was 100% sure there would be the seoul ferry disaster (MV sewol) in it. 304 people died and 5 are still missing. 7 people also died trying to save them. 250 of the deaths were students. The captain and crew members saved themselves while they ordered the passengers to stay put in thei cabins cause it would be dangerous to move around due to the ship already sinking. Him and other crew members were the first people to be saved. He and 3 other crew members were later charged with murder.

  4. New evidence shows the titanic hitting the iceberg wasn't the root of the problem. There had been a fire raging inside one of the coal chambers since they left port. Leaving the hull damaged and malleable. The company tried to cover this fact up and tried to blame it on the ice burg for obvious reasons. In some of the pictures of it before it leaves port you can see a slight bulge in the hull.