Top 20 Incredible Safari Moments Caught on Camera

These top 20 incredible safari moments feature some amazing safari encounters captured on camera.

From crazy lion attacks to safari vehicles being chased by predators, these are the most crazy safari videos we’ve seen


  1. Son hermosos los animales y todos a los que nos gustan quisiéramos estar cerca de ellos pero eso incluye poner en peligro tu vida y la de ellos seamos respetuosos de ellos sólo actúan por instinto y si el guía ve que tu vida corre peligro tendrá que sacrificar cualquiera que sea el animal atacante y de por sí ya hay pocos no contribuyan para que dejen de existir

  2. When the ranger faced off against the charging elephant, that was actually quite scary! The tourists applauded but the ranger was actually quite close to shooting the elephant.

  3. It's just a matter of time before lions learn that there is MEAT inside those safari vehicles.
    I hope we get to see THOSE videos!!

  4. After witnessing this, humans are more submissive. While we are on the brink of extinction with animals, we are becoming more sluggish and invulnerable do to technology in these spaces.

  5. Wow, Now that was Frightening the Lion jumps in the truck and the Guide tells Everyone to relax, Well I tell you the Only Thing That I Would Have Relax would have been my BILES…Ohh Shit!🏵😥😉