Top 10 UFOs Caught On Camera

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Are we alone in the universe? This evidence suggests we aren’t! For this list, we’ll be looking at the most famous, argued about, and unusual videos of unidentified flying objects. Our countdown includes STS-48 Incident, Phoenix Lights, Aguadilla Airport Incident, and more! Have YOU ever seen a UFO? Let us know in the comments!




  1. I had 2
    orbs the size of VW Beetles fly low and slow over my house!
    The Sun was shining on them and they made no noise as they
    all of a sudden accelerated and were gone in an instance!

  2. Believing in dots and lights lol it will be a lot more convincing if they really do come, with the feeling of overwhelming fear…no one really wants to see aliens or real flying objects from another world.

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  4. Astronomers figured out Ultima Thule which is an object much smaller and further than Pluto was going to pass in front of a star and sent a team to Africa to successfully figure out the shape of the tiny body by seeing where the star light was blocked and where it was not, but for some unknown reason through the entire history of cameras not one photo has been taken showing a clear picture of a UFO.

  5. Maybe go knock on the doors of NORAD or the Pentagon and ask them what they are hiding on UFO phenomena. I bet they have tons of UFO stuff they dont want us to know about .

  6. I was a little surprised to hear the discrediting comments made about the "Phoenix Lights" (No 5) which I believe is one of the most documented and verifiable of two UFO incidents (Rendlesham forest incident) in modern history. They also happen to have taken place at the US's most secure and heavily occupied thermonuclear ordinance sites in the world. The only real mystery about any of this is why we haven't been able to connect the dots… and the obvious message it spells.

  7. I believe I saw what rembles the cigar with the 5 lights underneath while traveling on the Florida Turnpike at mile marker 209 at approximately 9:15 pm about 5 years ago.

  8. I think the most astonishing information released during this video was the fact that Mexico has a air force. Seriously though, what's better than being able to honestly say that you are a fighter pilot for the Mexican air force. No wonder Aliens are making contact, they also wanna know how a 9 year old Mexican kid goes from playing soccer in a dirt alley filled with stray dogs to growing up and flying fighter jets over Tajuana. Imagine shooting down a Mexican fighter jet…..The pilot ejects and you can see him falling to earth wearing a poncho and sombrero with a parachute that has a big Mexican flag on it.

  9. Greetings,
    A real waste of my time. The Phoenix lights shown are the flares that drop behind the mountain as the flares disappear, one by one. It was debunked by a professional firm overlaying the daytime video over this night photo so one could see the mountain range invisible at night. Sure enough the UFOs (Training Mission Flares) each disappeared the moment they came in contact with the mountain range.

    The tether video is so out of focus that it is worthless. The tether is miles wide and the ice particles which should be points of light are bloated, showing the mirror system detail of the camera, hence the secondary mirror is visible in the out-of-focus "disk" images.

    I stopped at 2:41. It is just a waste of my valuable time! Moving on…

  10. 10:36 those skeptics are like a turd in a crystal-clear swimming pool! If the pilot that followed the object and saw it by his own naked eyes say "it's something out of this world", how the fuck can it be an airplane! Jeez!

  11. Notice that most of this phenomena occurs near bodies of water, perhaps some form of intelligent life under the oceans, I mean most of the underwater world remains unexplored.

  12. v型ufo是真的,我曾見過,就在我頭上慢慢飛過,完全沒有聲音,是剛好抬頭才發現了,不是很大的,大約是兩架大貨車組成的曲尺狀,有五個像古老燈罩的白色半圓物,大約2017或2018年,因當時沒有刻意記住就忘記了日期。。。。。

  13. we obviuosly aren't alone in the universe i mean I'm not saying there's human like forms but now that there are multiple universes, it's very likely, the only thing holding us back is religion because they can't accept that they aren't the only life form and there are no gods

  14. There is a perfectly good explanation for why the feeds are cut, and stupid explanations of what occurred happen, … control.. plain and simple. Less information.. more control.

  15. hello. I know a lot of what's going on …behind the people's backs. a need to know and the people need to know NOTHING!. UFOs. the pentagon lie about the UFOs… they know exactly what is going on .they..? a bit like the rest of the governments around the world keep their lips shut. they have the tec NOW! to change our mother earth FOR THE BETTER. they have anti-gravity. and far more. they have cures for cancer .etc they withhold the cures?? they lie and cheat. they manipulate people like puppets. D.U.M.B.S = deep underground military bases. who pays for these? what are they for? they. cause HAVOC .do people remember BEN RICH he ran Lockheed martin= "THE SKUNK WORKS" a quotation from him. "WE HAVE THE TEC NOW TO TAKE ET BACK HOME"…. NIKOLA TESLA. USA used him. stole he's patents and more. THE TR-3B man-made. in use. updated .seen all around the earth. people who know too much .end up having lethal accidents = fear.=threats. man is already at mars already at the moon… and elsewhere. "THE IMPOSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE IN ….. TIME" my pc is monitored. and phones. they have no "HONOUR" honesty. fairness. respect. integrity. THE VATICAN THEY KNOW FAR MORE WITH THERE SECRET VAULT. THEY KNOW MANS TRUE HISTORY.. check this out an inventor john Searl .uk. back in 1960. built a model craft. lots of witnesses .the BBC did a story… it got into national newspapers and someone from N.A.S.A. came for two weeks. find out what happened.?? learn the truth. WAKE UP .stop thinking IAM OK AS LONG AS MY FAMILY ARE OK AND FRIENDS.THATS ALL I CARE ABOUT. what happens when there not here??????? are we just puppets to be manipulated by the puppet-masters?? date I made my comment. ill check back. sign in .and not sign in. then use a different pc…. oh what happened to the trillions of tax-payers money that went missing? did the pentagon ever find out? probably spent on black projects….. the inner earth beings are here now.. been here a long time.. friend or foe? i dunno. we could ask the government. or THE VATICAN????? COMMENTED ON 23/3/2021

  16. There is abundance of evidence (witnesses and videos) that UFOs exist. They are smarter than us, thats why we wont be able to reasearch them closely. But I´m sure they have been researching us for a long time.

  17. They exist . When I was 10 years old in 1982, I seen my 1st UFO. My Mother and I and a man & woman who where walking near us seen it about 20-30 foot away. It was an intense white light that flew towards us at hundreds of MPH and then just shot up and disappeared with no noise whatsoever.

  18. They are not UFO at all.they are human made CIA jets , computer controlled by their agents.even aliens are robots with rubber all over them.its for military purpose or a New Era Army Force,clearly.