Top 10 I’m a Celeb Fails

Top 10 I'm a Celeb Fails

Leave it to the “I’m a Celebrity” campmates to really mess things up! For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down the biggest and most legendary fails of all time on “I’m a Celebrity.

Get Me Out of Here”. From Faintgate to animal rights complaints to Gemma Collins’ infamously diva antics… these fails are worse than anything the bushtucker trials could throw at us! Sneak peak: This video promises extra Noel Edmonds!


  1. that jack maynard making out he is some big time youtuber.. bro you have like 1 mil subs that aint nothing these days, should of picked someone like ksi or ali-a or syndicate or anyone who is actually popular on youtube

  2. Putting people out because of old tweets is RIDICULOUS.

    1. The production team and their hoardes of researchers should of done background checks to begin with.
    2. A lot of us have said or done things we wouldn't do now. If people looked at my old posts I'd rather be able to say "I haven't deleted these like a coward, I'd rather people saw what I was like in contrast with today".

    Completely unfair of them to put the boy on the show to do that.

  3. Gillian was the stupidest campmate ever anytime she did a trial she made a huge deal of it and fainting taking it too far ok we get it you don't like trials 😂

  4. Ian Lee and Khan's behaviour shocked no one. A bell end is always a bell end.
    No one expected anything of entitled big fat Gemma