Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Halloween Costume Fails

Think you can do better than the celebs in our video?

These celebrity Halloween costume failures were more trick than treat. Our countdown includes Tara Reid, Aaron Carter, Julianne Hough, and more! Which celebrity Halloween costume do YOU think was an epic fail? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Now everything is cultural appropriation! millennials 🤮🤮🤮

  2. Seriously why do people need to apologize for wearing a certain costume. It’s one night out of the year where we can be who we want. Come on politics ruins everything it touches. If I want wear kimono I will because I want to show appreciation for that culture give me a break.

  3. tristan Kardashian should dress up as a father of TWO and go trick or treating to where his son lives so he can see his father instead of only seeing him on social media playing super daddy to Hoey's child

  4. surprised that prince Harry wasn’t on the list. Him wearing a SS uniforme was so wrong!

  5. I remember that "Blackface for Halloween" issue that cause Megyn Kelly's show would cancelled by NBC…

  6. Ok, but the world was ok with Cher basically wearing the same Indian costume thru the 1970s for her song Half Breed. Oh America, how we forget…..ugh

  7. I understand the geisha conflict but then again you can buy day of the dead costumes isn't that along the same lines?

  8. Please take this before God in prayer. Halloween is devil's day and everyone who celebrates it, serves devil and worships him. Please repent of this. Jesus Christ said that no one can serve two masters. Please check your heart and repent before God in serving devil. If you serve devil, you will spend an eternity with him. If you serve God, you will spend an eternity with Him. God bless you

  9. 😛😘😘😤🤩😘😜🥺😗🤨😋😐🥺🤣😐😗😋😜🤣😗

  10. Why is Halloween so hard for some of these people I mean most of them could just go as their own most iconic character?