Top 10 Big Ships Crashing Compilation! Ships Crash Collision

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  1. "Dont ride on Cranival." Nice guy!
    Maybe it's the motá… but forat thing I thought is "mann… I hope no one was in that part or was crushed!"
    2nd is "someone's getting let go from their job" if ya wanna be a wiseguy

  2. 0:43 — Spanish cargo ship Luno, carrying a load of fertilizer, broke in half at Anglet, France on February 5, 2014.
    2:56 — Ocean King II ferry partially capsized in Cebu waters, Philippines, on July 28, 2009.
    4:31 — Cruise ship Carnival Glory backs into Carnival Legend while docking at Cozumel, Mexico on Dec 20, 2019.