This was hidden in a junkbox at a flea market

This was hidden in a junkbox at a flea market. They have no clue how great it is.


  1. Looks like the scene when all the kids show up on the bridge. Why the hell only one arm though?

  2. Somewhere out there, is a neckbeard whose mom threw out the only award he ever won. Given to him by his DnD group, for being that campaign’s biggest fuckup.

  3. I thought it was from when Q told Picard, ‘You’re the closest thing to a friend I have.’

  4. Those are rare. Only 1701 of them were made. Each one is individually numbered one the bottom.

    Source: I own one and know where it came from

  5. I am constantly amazed by the quality and fidelity of current high quality figurines. Their fidelity to the character/actor is absolutely stunning.

  6. If you bought it second hand, there is a small (hopefully) chance that it’s been in someone’s butt at some point of its life. I’d sterilise carefully rather than play the odds.
    That bold head begs for lube.

  7. So crazy to spot this while watching next gen for probably the 5th time. Never get enough of star trek. Picard is my favorite character.