This sign I found almost cut too deep.

This sign I found almost cut too deep.


  1. I have this on a t-shirt. During class sign ups for my High schooler I kept getting weird looks and a few laughs when people would look at me. Finally one of the teachers came to me and said they appreciated the humour but maybe not the best place to wear said shirt. Pro-tip, check what shirt you’re wearing beforehand.

  2. Thats an easy explanation and a superb justification for everything you want to. how about taking responsibility for yourself..?

  3. Dad: “Are ya winning, son?”

    Me: “I…”

    Dad: “Just kidding, Loser. I know you aren’t. You are the biggest disappointment in 10 generations of this family. Now get dressed for your “job” at Subway.”

  4. Is that saying it is your parents’ job to be ashamed of you, or if you are ashamed of yourself then your parents are to blame?