This Burger Is Made Out Of Nothing But 9 Kinds Of Cheese

This Burger Is Made Out Of Nothing But 9 Different Kinds Of Cheese


This cheeseburger is made out of nothing but a variety of nine different cheese and when we say nothing else, we mean it.

As with any industry, as more time passes, it becomes harder and harder to be unique. Take Hollywood, for instance. Almost every blockbuster in the present day is either a sequel or a remake. Disney’s live-action reimaginations are big hits, movies from the 80s and 90s and getting long-awaited follow-ups, even Marvel’s offerings are based on comic books that are decades old.

That same premise applies to the food industry also. That’s why we continue to see more and more fusions between foods from opposing cultures, and also foods that simply should not go together on paper. Cheese in your tea? No thanks. Even salted caramel sounded like a crazy idea to us when it was first introduced, although we love it now, obviously.

We are now at the point where we never thought we would see a brand new dish that is technically made out of just one ingredient. The Ultimate Cheeseburger, created by HungeyHouse and brought to our attention by Bustle. The sandwich is made from nothing but cheese, and yes we mean nothing but. The bun, the patty, even the tomatoes are all made of cheese.

Let us take you through it bit by bit, starting with the bun. The bun is made of cheddar cheese and even has mozzarella sesame seeds on top of it. Next, the patty which is just a big old slab of camembert. That is topped with some Babybels masquerading as pickles. A mix of edam and American cheese acts as lettuce, and that is accompanied by some red Leicester tomatoes. Next up is a little stilton relish and last but not least, a few onion rings made from German smoked cheese.

For those of you keeping count at home, that is a grand total of nine kinds of cheese. Now, the bad news. For starters, HungryHouse is a company that only operates in the UK. If that wasn’t enough bad news for cheese lovers, even those of you living in the UK won’t be able to get your hands on it. The burger was part of a holiday promotion during the holiday season of 2017 and has not returned since. Don’t give up hope though, and keep an eye out for its comeback down the line.