The Seychelles – Ready For Fully Vaccinated Travelers

travel restrictions covid 19
travel restrictions covid 19

Looking for the best places to travel during covid – check out this dream island – The Seychelles

Seychelles opened up its borders for fully vaccinated travellers as of January 2021. You must prove that 2 weeks have passed since your second shot. You will also be required to fill out an authorization form and a negative test result when you arrive.

Now, if you’re just looking for a quick trip, this isn’t for you. The Seychelles are not somewhere you plan your travels to for a weekend, you’ll want at least 2 weeks.

covid travel restrictions

Going to Seychelles isn’t cheap or simple, but once you arrive, you can eat and get about for just a few dollars a day. It costs nothing to swim in the ocean, and that is at least 70% of what you’re going to want to do because the water is the most unquestionably beautiful colour you have ever seen on any water.

How to get to the Seychelles

the best way to reach the Seychelles
The best way to reach the Seychelles

Seychelles is a little island country in the Indian ocean found closer to Africa than to Asia (hence it’s part of the African continent). If you’re curious, where exactly is Seychelles on a map, here’s a photo.

There are 115 islands in the Seychelles archipelago, a group of 44 islands, collectively known as the inner islands, that fill the shallow waters of the Seychelles Bank.

These include the islands of Mahé, Praslin, Silhouette Island, La Digue, Curieuse, Félicité, Frégate and Cousin Island. The majority of the Seychelles’ islands are uninhabited, with many dedicated as nature reserves.

The most convenient route to the Seychelles is by air to Seychelles International Airport (SEZ), located on Mahé Island 11km (6.8mi) southeast of the capital city, Victoria.

When to visit the Seychelles

The most enjoyable times to visit Seychelles are April, May, October and November. These months represent the change between the hot and muggy northwest trade winds (from November through March) and the colder southeast trade winds that define April through October.

Diving is wonderful all year round but if you picture crystal-clear conditions – and visibility up to a staggering 30 metres! – then the best time to visit the Seychelles is in the months of April to May and October to November.

Best Time to Visit the Seychelles
Best Time to Visit the Seychelles

The best islands to visit in the Seychelles

Made up of 115 islands, particular with its own character and individual charm, and you haven’t really experienced the destination if you don’t visit at least a couple of different islands on your travels.

Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue would be my choice if I had to choose 3. There’s really nowhere else completely like La Digue. Sleepy and comfortable with a slow pace of life, it’s an undeveloped paradise.


Mahé is the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago, in the Indian Ocean off East Africa.
Mahé is the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago, in the Indian Ocean off East Africa.


It’s known for palm-fringed beaches, like Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio, both bordered by large granite boulders.


La Digue

It’s known for its beaches, like Anse Source d’Argent, dotted with granite boulders, on the west coast.

All the islands in Seychelles are gorgeous and unparalleled and totally worth visiting, and it’s up to you to choose where to stay. If you’re looking for great snorkelling, Mahe or La Digue are great, but Praslin isn’t. If you’re looking for a good place to swim, I suggest you go to Mahe.

What to eat in the Seychelles

Customary Seychelles Food. Salted fish. Fresh-grilled fish. Coconut Curry. Sausage Rougay. Lentils.  Anything with banana in it. Smoked Fish Salad. Breadfruit.

Octopus Curry

Octopus Curry is probably the most popular dish on the list of Seychelles traditional food. All locals love the dish and so do the tourists. Get past the mainstream fish, chicken, or mutton curry, and try something new to shock your taste buds.

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