The Official Ranking Of 25 Millennial Food Trends, Worst To Avocado Toast

The Official Ranking Of 25 Millennial Food Trends, From Worst To Avocado Toast


Ever since people started talking about the fact that you could put some avocado on a piece of toast and be really happy with it, everyone has been obsessed with food trends that millennials have started.

Here’s the official ranking of 25 millennial food trends, from worst to avocado toast.

Charcoal Water

Health Bird

Seriously, what’s the deal with charcoal water? Why do you want to drink something that’s totally and completely black?

Sure, people say that this is good for you, but like many health trends, this makes zero sense and seems like it’s something that’s best avoided. Of all the millennial food trends, this is the weirdest one, which is why it’s ranked at number 25 (and, therefore, it’s the worst food trend out there). It also seems like charcoal water would stain everything, including your teeth. Gross.

Unicorn Frap


People went pretty nuts for the Unicorn Frap when it came out, and it was honestly tough to see the appeal. Okay, so it’s pretty cool-looking, and it’s very colourful, but it was clear from the very start that this drink has way too much sugar.

The Unicorn Frap is number 24 on this list, and it’s just not one of the best millennial food trends. A lot of people seemed to only want to order them in order to post them on social media, which doesn’t seem like the best indicator of whether something actually tastes good.

Black Ice Cream

Glamour UK

Black Ice Cream is a food that you have to post on social media before you eat. It’s just the rule. We don’t make the rules, we follow them (but it’s kind of funny because if we’re millennials, we’re following rules set by other millennials, so who decides this stuff?).

If you think that this sounds disgusting, that’s a fair comment to make. While this treat looks cool in a post, we’re not sure that it’s something that we want to be eating. Let’s agree to forget this stuff and stick to regular ice cream.

Cloud Eggs

New Jersey Herald

Another food trend that’s all about how it looks, cloud eggs are number 22 on this list.

Sure, they look cute, but is that really enough? Instead of making eggs so they look like pretty clouds, why not just make eggs the regular way and call it a day (or a morning)?

If we love eating eggs for breakfast, then we’re not really going to go to the trouble to make our eggs look like anything other than… you know… an egg.


Taste of Home

Millennials love quinoa. Many of us have been eating this grain for a while now, and it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

The thing about quinoa is while it’s filling and it’s also gluten-free so it works for a lot of people, it’s not really super delicious. You have to really know how to cook it properly, and you have to season it… and that means that a lot of the time, we’re eating lacklustre quinoa. Nope. We’re not into it. We’ll stick to rice.

Jackfruit As Pulled Pork

via Love And Lemons

When did we start thinking that jackfruit could masquerade as pulled pork?!

Okay, we get it—some people are vegan or vegetarian and so they don’t eat pulled pork. That’s cool. The problem is that the rest of us can definitely eat pulled pork, so why wouldn’t we just go for that? Jackfruit seems like something that’s tough to find in most grocery stores, and we’re just not into substitutions when we could eat the real deal. That’s why jackfruit as pulled pork is a millennial food trend that we think is number 20 on this list. It’s just not that great.

Rainbow Food

via Tilley’s Threads

What’s up with millennials and rainbow food?! It’s like someone told us that because we’re a part of this generation, we absolutely have to eat food that’s super colorful. Rainbow food, like this rainbow toast, is number 19 on this list. It’s definitely pretty, but that’s not enough for us to say that it’s a good food trend.

This puts too much pressure on us to feel like our food always needs to look social-media-worthy and totally perfect. Are we really going to spend five hours on a piece of toast to make it look like a rainbow? No way.


via Food Revolution Network

It’s crazy to think that a few years ago, most people hadn’t heard of Kombucha or at least weren’t interested in drinking it.

Kombucha is fermented tea… which sounds so great (not). This has become so trendy, and you can buy this drink in all kinds of fruit flavours like watermelon or berry, but that doesn’t feel like enough. Many of us are grossed out by it and would rather just drink water or sparkling water when we’re thirsty.


Adda Coffee & Tea House

While it’s still considered cool to love coffee (and many of us do), it’s almost become trendier to drink matcha lattes instead. If we’re millennials, we don’t have to scroll very far through our social media feeds before we see someone drinking a hot or iced matcha latte.

Matcha is a type of green tea (you can get it in a power) that people say is super healthy. That may be true (and sure, there’s lots of information out there), but many of us would say that it tastes kind of gross. It’s a very strong, acquired taste—that’s for sure. Many people would prefer to stick to coffee.


via EatingWell

Poke is basically raw fish… in a fancy, pretty bowl with all kinds of other stuff in it. A “poke bowl” has cubes of poke, rice, a sauce, and vegetables.

People go crazy for poke and have so much fun eating it… but it seems like you would have to be super into sushi in order to really appreciate it since you would already have to be into the combination of ingredients like raw fish and rice. As far as food trends go, this isn’t the most exciting, and it doesn’t sound like the most delicious. And not everyone wants to eat raw fish. It’s number 16.

Rolled Ice Cream

via Offline Raleigh

The rolled ice cream looks gorgeous and fun… and yet, people say that it doesn’t have the creamy texture of regular old ice cream. To that, we say, “Then what’s the point?!”

Rolled ice cream is number 15 on this list. It’s not as bad as some of the other millennial food trends that are ranked much lower, and it’s definitely not as good as the foods that are ranked much higher. It also seems like it would be hard to find places that sell rolled ice cream.

The Whole 30/Cutting Down On Sugar


If there’s one thing that millennials love to do, it’s eating healthy. That’s honestly really cool. No matter what people want to say about this generation, no one can really fault other people for wanting to take care of themselves and living a healthy lifestyle.

Of all of the millennial food trends, following the Whole 30 (which means 30 days of whole foods) and cutting down on sugar, in general, is a big one. This trend is number 14 because not everyone wants to follow something like that, but it works for a lot of people. Those of us who’ve changed our eating habits and eat more veggies and fewer chocolate bars can definitely see a difference in how we feel and how much energy we have.

Flavored Sparkling Water

via Bloomberg

In the past year or so, we’ve realized something about our drink habits: we really and truly hate plain water.

Okay, maybe that’s not quite true, but it definitely seems to be, at least given all of the other drinks that we’re obsessed with. Flavoured sparkling water is a huge millennial food trend. From La Croix to Spindrift, there are lots of brands out there that are making sparkling water flavored like fruit. Hey, we’re not going to complain. This stuff is really good. And yeah, plain water can be pretty boring.

Turmeric Latte

via Foodbox

Turmeric lattes are gorgeous because of their bright yellow colour. These have become a big food trend made popular by millennials since we can order this hot drink from many cool cafes. People also love to post turmeric lattes on social media.

Since turmeric is a spice that many of us use in curries, we might think that the flavour is too strong for a drink. But the truth is that turmeric lattes are totally delicious. They’re often made with non-dairy milk, and the taste is very rich and creamy. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea (or trendy latte), though, so they’re number 12 here and kind of in the middle of this list.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

via Popsugar

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is the most millennial of drinks. There’s really nothing that has been talked about more than the PSL.

Some people think that it has so much sugar that no one should ever drink it. Others love it as a treat and can’t imagine going through the fall months without at least a few of them. No matter where we stand, we have to admit that there are times when the mood is right and we want a PSL. It’s number 11 (but because of the high sugar content, it couldn’t make it into the top 10 because sometimes, it’s just too much, and we want black coffee).

Cauliflower Rice

via Brit + Co

No longer a veggie that people think is so disgusting and so bland, cauliflower has become a celebrity recently. People love it. So much.

If we’ve tried cauliflower rice, we might’ve been shocked by how much it actually tastes like white rice. We can sauté it and add whatever flavours we want, and it’s truly great. It’s also satisfying (and low-carb, which is why so many people are fans). Cauliflower rice isn’t quite as amazing as some other millennial food trends, but it’s delicious, and that’s why it’s number 10.

Eating Food In Bowls

via Blue Apron

The trend of putting food into bowls is hilarious when we think about it because people have been doing this since forever, and no one talked about it.

But hey… sometimes, that’s what happens with a food trend: it might seem too simple to really be that popular, but people go nuts for it. Millennials really enjoy eating food out of bowls. There are lots of restaurants and takeout places that serve food in bowls. You typically get carbs like noodles or rice, vegetables, a sauce, and a protein. This trend is number nine because people getting excited about eating a healthy meal can’t possibly be a bad thing… even if you think it’s a bit silly to talk about what kind of vessel food is served in.

Protein Balls

via SuperValu

Number eight on this list, protein balls are an awesome snack that millennials are really into.

You can make so many different kinds at home, and you can add whatever flavors and ingredients you like. A protein ball is basically a snack that has protein and fat. You can use nut butter or nuts, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, dates etc. These are fun to make and fun to eat. The protein balls are good for you since they have healthy stuff in them, but they taste like dessert. What could be wrong with that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Gourmet Donuts

via Pinterest

Back in the day, if you wanted a donut, you got one covered in a chocolate glaze. Or a maple glaze (yum). Or vanilla icing with rainbow sprinkles.

These days, donuts are all gourmet, and there are some pretty crazy flavors that you might not have thought could really work for a donut. Some people want to steer clear and prefer more traditional flavors, but the rest of us think that gourmet donuts are the perfect way to treat ourselves. (And of course, these cool donuts are the best to put on social media). This trend is number seven, and we love it.

Cold Brew

via Alsace Lait

Are you a millennial if you hate cold brew coffee? That’s a very good question.

Cold brew coffee is delicious. It’s a different method that involves brewing coffee with cold water, not hot water. You can make cold brew at home, and it’s simple to do. You can buy any number of brands from the supermarket, and you can even order it from your local Starbucks. Cold brew also has a hipster vibe to it. If you’re thinking that it sounds like iced coffee, it’s considered to be much better and much more delicious. It earned the number six spot on this list.

Smoothie Bowls

via EatingWell

If some people think that smoothie bowls are silly, we can just shrug because we can’t help but love them. Who wants to drink a smoothie when they can make a super thick blend and put it into a bowl with toppings?

Smoothie bowls are that rare food trend that looks beautiful and is also delicious. Whether you’re into green smoothies that are full of kale or you like more fruit, you can pick the ingredients that you want, pour the thick smoothie into a bowl, and add fruit, peanut butter, and/or granola. Smoothie bowls are awesome, and they’re number five.

Making Vegetables Cool

via CDC

Of all of the millennial food trends, the fact that this generation loves to eat vegetables and thinks that they’re actually cool is definitely amazing. It’s a big deal.

This trend is number four because even though we can make veggies taste awesome, we’re still not going to say that they’re number one (that belongs to our biggest food accomplishment yet… and we all know what that is). From kale to cauliflower to broccoli and bell peppers, we’re enjoying more veggies than ever before, whether we go for Meatless Monday or just eat more salad and roasted vegetables. You can’t get healthier than that.

Overnight Oats


Gone are the days when oatmeal was soggy and disgusting. These days, oatmeal is trendy, and people are wild about Overnight Oats.

You can make these by mixing rolled oats in a mason jar (so hipster) or bowl or container with milk, maybe a banana, and some chia seeds, and then putting it in the fridge. You leave it there until the next morning, and then breakfast is totally prepared for you. You can put peanut butter on it, too, along with fruit, so it’s no wonder that this has become such a trendy breakfast idea. Overnight Oats are number three, and many of us love them.

Brunch Being The Biggest Deal Ever

via Good Gone Fab

Sure, brunch has been a thing for a while now, but it’s safe to say that millennials are the ones who’ve made this super popular. Part of the reason why we love going out for brunch on the weekends is that these meals are so much fun to take photos of and put on social media. Eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes etc. just photograph really well.

Brunch being such a big deal is a millennial food trend that many of us are always down for. Brunch just had to be number two on this list (again, there’s something even better that’s number one, and it’s coming up next…).

Avocado Toast

via Popsugar

And now, we’re at number one of this list of 25 millennial food trends. Come on… you knew what would be number one, right?! Avocado toast is the only food trend that could possibly be considered the best.

Sure, some people might be a bit tired of it by now… but the rest of us are still on board. And we should be: mashing up avocado with whatever seasonings we want and spreading it on a perfectly toasted piece of bread is foodie heaven. As Taylor Swift says, haters gonna hate. The rest of us will be eating avocado toast and loving it.