The Most Terrible Deep Sea Creatures You’ve Never Seen Before


The depths of the ocean are one of the most understudied areas in the world. Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, we have not been able to study the seabed in detail. It is located, by the way, thousands of meters below the surface of the water. However, this is where the most interesting and terrifying creatures on the planet live. In today’s video, we are gonna talk about the most amazing living creatures in the depths of the sea.


00:00 – Welcome!
00:35 – Atolla jellyfish
01:24 – Comb jelly
02:11 – Sea spider (Preview)
03:11 – Fangtooth
03:53 – Anglerfish
05:51 – Deep sea dragonfish
06:57 – Humboldt squid
07:55 – Taonius Borealis
08:39 – Monsters of the reefs


  1. Anyone actually feel like smashing your their head against a brick wall this man has one unbelievably annoying voice it's actually ringing my ear drums

  2. You've lost me at 40.000 meters. The ocean is only 11.000 m deep, you fucking idiot. I hate when people make videos about something they have no clue about…

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  4. Prey don't just "fall into" the Angular Fish's mouth, but are engulphed when the enormous fish's awaiting trap of a mouth instantly inhales & slams shut, consuming any unsuspecting prey that wanders too close; due to the lure-like appendage; or as you call it, a flashlight, that the hideous fish has growing out of its hideous head. The lure keeps moving up and down and twitching until it finally attracts nearby, unsuspecting prey. To aid in the fishing process, the Angular Fish's "lure" actually glows through a natural, biological process Science calls bioluminescence.

  5. I have a phobia of deep bodies of water and deep sea creatures and yet I intentionally looked for this video cause I thought it'd be interesting.

    And I mean, it was. But now i'm terrified.

  6. Interesting vid. Would been better if they toned down the random clips from movies and TV shows. Got pretty annoying.