the dog at the party

the dog at the party


  1. A neighbor has a story where they were having a small party and her daughter comes into the kitchen and says “Mom! You have to do something about the dog.”
    Going to investigate she discovered that their English Shepherd has quietly herded all the guests together into one corner of the room without them noticing what was going on.

  2. Joke’s on the dog. There are no parties right now. Hopefully he’ll have gotten over it before I have to go to hiding in the corner with him.

  3. As someone who doesn’t like parties and is allergic to dogs, I appreciate the effort, but please leave me alone 🙂

  4. My dog would never think this if he gets even thr smallest atention he’s over the moon

  5. One of my Church youth leaders used to have meetings at his house, imagine a group of about 30 noisy (but polite) teenagers. It was noted that their cat would only ever permit to pet him and would disdainfully ignore everyone else. They thought, wow this kid is good with cats. Nope, I lived around the corner and used to feed Cobber when they were on their Summer holidays. The cat associated me with food and was just assuming I was there to feed him rather than on a social visit. Kind of ruined the magic once everyone found out.