The 9 Biggest Sharks Ever Caught

What’s your favourite shark? Let’s dive in the ocean and take a closer look at the 10 MOST POPULAR TYPES of SHARKS.


  1. What's your favorite shark?

    That's easy – a LIVE one! I am pleased to see that the majority of these pics are old, so hopefully we live in more enlightened times whereby these beautiful creatures are allowed to swim in peace, like they have done for millions of years – tho I doubt it, considering the current over-fishing practices of humanity, and those rotten bastards who pull in a shark, cut off its fins and throw it back, so it can sink to the bottom and die a horrible death! We have ruined the land, and we are attempting to do the same to the waterways of the earth too. Will we ever learn?

  2. Alf Deans Shark was the smallest of three sharks there were 2 others there that were much bigger and the smaller shark swam between the 2 larger ones to take the bait. Also the bait that was used was whale blubber and not a porpoise.

  3. Sharks would not be caught! They are needed to clean up the waste in the ocean. You mess up the natural ecosystem by making animals extinct. What if there were no sharks to clean up the oceans waste? You wouldn't be able to swim in it that's for sure!