The 10 Highest Calorie Items On McDonald’s Menu

The 10 Highest Calorie Items On McDonald’s Menu | TheRecipe

McDonald’s 10 highest calorie items

Here are the 10 most calorie-dense items on the McDonald’s menu. Several items may not be available in your local restaurant, while others may be in short supply.

There’s a good chance that you aren’t looking for a low-calorie meal when you go to McDonald’s for breakfast or lunch. Even if the restaurant has been adding healthier options over the years, such as salads, you might not find one. Anyhow, that’s not really the reason you go to a place like McDonald’s. You go to indulge yourself.

Even so, some menu items are seriously high in calories. You may want to avoid looking at the nutritional information so you don’t realize the amount of fat, calories, and sodium present in the burger.

Interestingly enough, the most calorie-dense foods are not even the burgers themselves. These drinks, among others, are often loaded with calories.

10 Big Breakfast (640 Cals)

The many components of this signature breakfast make it seem unsurprising, but when compared to other items on the menu, it has the 10th highest calorie content. The breakfast consists of scrambled eggs, sausage patties, a toasted English muffin, and crispy hash browns. But how about together?

Even so, a multigrain bagel with bacon and eggs is better in terms of calories, with 20 less calories. However, the difference is negligible. A big breakfast comes with a lot of calories, so if you plan to eat one, be prepared.

9 Double Big Mac (680 Cals)

Featuring four beef patties, cheddar cheese, pickles, onions, lettuce, and, of course, the sauce, this double Big Mac has 680 calories.

Sesame seed buns sandwich everything together, with a top, bottom, and additional middle section to separate the patties and toppings into groups of two. The menu item might not be the healthiest for you, but it certainly is delicious!

8 Large Vanilla Chai Tea Iced Frappe (720 Cals)

Surely low-cal tea is tea, right? Not at all. By choosing a medium (580) or small (460), you can reduce the calories. But if you choose to go large or go home, you’ll have to consume some calories before you eat anything at all.

Ice, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cream are blended together with vanilla and chai flavours to create this delightful frozen brew. Should you choose to indulge, this item can serve as your dessert.

7 Smokehouse BBQ Angus (730 Cals)

Angus beef is used in this burger along with smoky barbecue sauce, coleslaw, and Dijon honey mustard sauce, jalapeno Monterey Jack cheese for a spicy kick, and sesame and poppy seed buns.

In addition to the high caloric content, it also has 37 grams of fat, 1,080mg of sodium, and 16 grams of sugar. Therefore, if you’re concerned about calories, beware of this one if it’s on the menu at your local restaurant.

6 Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese (770 Cals)

Unsurprisingly, this behemoth burger also comes with a behemoth amount of calories. On a sesame seed bun, they include two quarter-pound beef patties, melted cheese, slivered onions, and pickles.

If you’re trying to lose some weight, instead of getting the regular quarter pounder with cheese, which has 510 calories, you can save a few hundred calories. It’s still pretty high, but your waistline might thank you.

5 Bacon and Cheddar Angus (770 Cals)

The Mighty Angus Burger and this burger share many similar ingredients, but this burger also includes pickles and red onions. It, too, is topped with bacon and cheese, as well as ketchup, mustard, and Angus burger seasoning.

There are a few fewer calories in this burger than in the Mighty, but not many. With just 41 grams of fat and 1,400 mg of sodium, fat and sodium are almost equivalent.

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4 Mighty Angus Original (790 Cals)

There are more calories in this mammoth burger than any other item on the menu. 100% Angus beef, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, and processed cheese are just a few of the specialty toppings it makes. All of this goodness is wrapped in a sesame and poppy seed bun, as is the case with many McDonald’s burgers.

In addition to the high number of calories, there are 43 grams of fat and 1,310 mg of sodium.

3 20 Chicken Nuggets (830 Cals)

Despite ranking No. 5 on the list, it should be noted that if you buy a 20-pack and chow down on it all by yourself, it is considerably more calorie-dense than if you eat it alone. Therefore, you will consume 830 calories from the massive meal.

Remember that each time you eat a nugget. The 10-pack is 410 calories, and the 6-pack is 250 calories, so you can cut calories by getting a smaller pack. Choose the nugget happy meal, which includes 4 nuggets (170); but don’t forget to count the fries: the small order is 240.

2 Large Oreo Cookie Coffee Iced Frappe (850 Cals)

It is technically a dessert more than a drink to quench your thirst, but this drink has the second most calories. In its biggest size, this iced frappe comes in at a whopping 850 calories.

In the small and medium, both contain 670 calories. The medium contains 560 calories. In my opinion, if you’re going to drink one of these, you might as well grab the large instead of opting for a piece of pie or ice cream for dessert.

1 Large  Triple Thick Raspberry Milkshake (1,090 Cals)

Generally, big, meaty sandwiches and greasy chicken nuggets are thought to have the highest calorie content. However, it’s actually a drink. The price of this particular milkshake will exceed half of your recommended daily caloric intake wherever it may be sold.

Choose the small at 530 calories, or the medium at 700 calories, to save some calories for actual food. You could also ask for water instead if you want to stay away from the calories in these.