5 Male Fashion Style Bloggers You Need To Follow

There is a great deal of style in America. From California’s laid-back style to New York’s confident, edgy fashions, the US has an abundance of style. The fact that some of the best men’s fashion bloggers reside in the fifty states should come as no surprise to anyone.

These men provide a unique perspective on current trends, making them an ideal source of inspiration for any style-conscious gentleman. Adding their blogs to your daily reading list is a great way to gain inspiration from the country’s most knowledgeable influencers.

Style Society Guy

Style Society Guy Menswear Blogger nyc says Clothing ought to be Simple, Smart, and Practical. Adding to its appeal is its neat, contemporary appearance. You can improve your appearance by becoming familiar with Style Society Guy Menswear Blogger nyc.

Dan Trepanier – Articles Of Style

Dan Trepanier - Articles Of Style


The founder of Articles of Style is America’s ‘Best Dressed Real Man’, according to Esquire US.In addition to detailed guides and editorials covering all aspects of men’s fashion, creative director Dan Trepanier offers invaluable information that can be helpful to all men.

American fashion brand Articles of Style specializes in soft tailoring and updated versions of classic menswear items.

Hundreds of publications, including GQ, Esquire, the New York Times, The BBC, and The Today Show, have featured Articles of Style.

Justin Livingston – Scout Sixteen

Justin Livingston – Scout Sixteen


On his blog, New York-based blogger Justin Livingston explores casual trends in a new light. We feature articles on fashion, travel, design, music, and more in Scout Sixteen, a magazine packed with interesting articles and stunning original photographs.

Born and raised in Mississippi, Livingston combines his casual southern style with the cutting-edge fashion of New York City.

Justin is a freelance writer and creative consultant with a focus on fashion and travel. Originally from Mississippi, he grew up in New York City and is currently based there. He writes a lifestyle blog, Scout Sixteen, in which he scouts out new discoveries for his readers.

Anthony Urbano – Oh Anthonio

Anthony Urbano - Oh Anthonio


Despite being a nerd, Anthony Urbano’s style isn’t dorky.

Urbano has created a unique personal style through the combination of fit, era, as well as high and low price tags, which is described on Oh Anthonio. Formerly known as Closet Freaks, this blog is Urbano’s newest venture.

Men’s Style Pro

Men’s Style Pro


The Men’s Style Pro website was created in 2010 and not only provides advice and tips to men about style, but also allows them to directly contact Sabir about scheduling a consultation or discussing a new trend.

Men’s Style Pro is today a full-fledged men’s editorial site & consulting firm, covering everything from how-to’s on men’s style to where to find the best steakhouse in your area.

Through a variety of platforms, Men’s Style Pro provides brands and companies with a platform for showcasing their products.

Marcel Floruss – One Dapper Street

Marcel Floruss - One Dapper Street


Marcel Floruss was born in Germany, but he has adopted New York City as his home.

Known for his incredibly popular blog, One Dapper Street, he offers detailed analyses of his daily outfits. One Dapper Street offers complete menswear coverage, a street style section, and a detailed shopping page.

Andrew Chen Menswear Blogger NYC

Andrew Chen Menswear

Originally from New York City, Andrew Chen is a menswear blogger who writes about fashion trends and news. Throughout his blog, you will find tons of useful information on everything from selecting footwear to caring for your hair. In addition, he provides honest reviews and recommendations for different products that he has tested and tried.

The blog of Andrew is very modern and well-designed. It is very easy to read his blog because he uses a lot of white space and minimalism. You can easily find what you are looking for on his blog since it is very visual and easy to navigate. The blog is very easy to read since he does not use too many colors.


Despite the fact that these men may not earn millions of dollars like some of the other fashion bloggers, their content is just as valuable. In addition to sharing the latest fashion and beauty trends with their readers, they also serve as a valuable resource for men who wish to stay current with the latest men’s fashion trends.

One of these New York City menswear blogs may be of interest to you if you are a guy who likes to keep up with the latest trends in menswear. Keep up with the latest trends in menswear fashion by following these men.

How do you feel about the fashion bloggers in New York City? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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