Strange Musicians Backstage Food Demands

Life on the road can be hard for a musician. It may seem glamorous with them travelling all over the world being adored by fans, but it can get lonely. One way musicians can make their life on the road (or in the air) feel a little more like home is by making their dressing rooms more comfortable.

They can request anything under the sun, including what they’d like to snack on before, during, and after their performance.

These 10 popular musicians had some rather interesting requests to have in their dressing room to eat after their performance. From strange combinations to outright random condiments, let’s see which musician you most relate to!


Justin Bieber is only 25 years old and he’s already accomplished so much in his career. From teaming up with artists like Usher to hit songs reaching the number one spot — Justin’s career is only getting started.

After a number of world tours already, it’s been reported that Bieber asks for peanut butter and cheese flavoured Ritz crackers… He also asks for Swedish fish in his dressing room as well. Looks like we have a snacker on our hands!


Selena Gomez is one of the most beloved celebrities. From her adorable personality to how much she gives back to the community, she’s one of the few young celebrities with a good head on her shoulders.

That being said, what does this princess-like to eat when touring? That could be crispy chicken pot pies and a can of pickles… Whether she puts her pickles in her pot pies is undisclosed but either way, it’s a very random combination.


All hail Queen Britney! As we know, Britney has been in the public eye her entire life. She was on singing competition shows as a kid and finally hit the big time when her single “Hit Me Baby One More Time” came out (and yes, we still don’t understand what that song is truly about).

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Britney has come a long way since being that 17-year-old girl. When she’s backstage and hungry, she asks for “exactly” 100 prunes and figs, according to The Daily Meal. We’re not sure why she needs an exact number but hey, she’s Britney. We’re not going to complain.


Canned tuna is a great choice for a mom who’s packing her kids lunches or if you need a quick meal while in between meetings. But for Alicia Keys, it’s the one food she wants backstage.

You better believe this girl on fire wants cans of white tuna and instant oatmeal packets… She also requests other meals from local restaurants that are totally normal but it’s the canned tuna that’s throwing everyone off.


Billy Idol is exactly that: an idol. As the singer of “White Wedding” and “Dancing With Myself,” Billy Idol is still a star many people want to see perform. And while he may seem like a bad boy rocker on stage, his requests backstage are a little tamer.

Apparently, Mr. Idol asks for “a tub of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter,” according to The Daily Meal. To accompany his butter, he also likes to munch on chocolate chip cookies. The only question we have is if he dips his cookies in the butter or if he uses the butter for something else…


MIA first made it big in 2007 with her song “Paper Planes” and while she’s not as popular as she once was she still appears to be making music.

Coming from the UK, MIA had some unique requests when it came to snacking on things backstage. She asked for a blue cheese that came from France and England and goat cheese from Switzerland. To wash down those cheeses she asked for Red Stripe Lager and some Coca-Cola.


Shakira is such a legend. Coming from Columbia, she’s made her name well-known all around the world. And when she’s not performing, she’s a mother two adorable kiddos. However, when she’s not chasing her kids around, she’s requesting a whole bunch of fruit backstage.

Being very specific, she asked for a fruit basket with an exact number of fruits. The insider claimed she asked for “three mangos,” three small papayas and peaches, and exactly six bananas… Asking for specific fruits in your fruit basket is a great way to reduce waste when you think about it. It sounds like these are fruits she’ll actually eat and not just toss out after the show.


John Mayer is obviously popular for his vocals and guitar work but he’s also known for making some of the funniest comments on Instagram. He seems to have a say about everything everyone does and responds in the most humorous way.

When he’s touring, however, John specifically asked for kids’ cereals to munch on after the show. We’re talking about brands like Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp, and Cap’n Crunch.



Eminem is such a mysterious person. We learn a lot about his experiences and emotions through his songs that we would have never known otherwise. He doesn’t disclose much about his personal life outside of music but fans would be interested to know that when he’s backstage he prefers eating Lunchables! And not just any Lunchable; he wants the turkey and ham-themed Lunchables.

Lunchables were created for the busy parents who wanted to spice up their kids’ lunchboxes at school, but it appears they’re now used for multi-millionaire snacks backstage.


Kanye West is one of the most outspoken celebrities we were ever gifted. West truly uses music as an art form and incorporates many different factors into his songs and shows.

We’ve seen him a few times on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and he looks surprisingly mellow, but when it’s showtime, Kanye gets what Kanye gets. And when he’s backstage, he gets slushies. That’s right, Kanye once demanded to have a slushy machine backstage that had mixes of “Coke and Hennessy” and “Grey Goose and lemonade,” according to Mediaite.

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