So cute they care about eldery and give them free food

So cute they care about eldery and give them free food


  1. “if accompanied by parents”?! Will they accept caskets or urns? What if your Bruce from finding nemo and never knew your own father?

  2. I know this is supposed to be a silly joke but it almost seem tasteless lol Getting them oldies’ hopes up for free food then dashing them to hell!!!!

  3. If I were that old, wanted to grab a bite, and was just needlessly reminded that my parents are dead as your little “ha-ha” on the side… I don’t think I’d patron your business.

    Old people grapple with death enough already. This “joke” is sad to me. I can’t imagine the elderly people it’s directed at are laughing uncontrollably trying to hold their sides in…

  4. I feel like this was the fine print for the kid’s meal banner, but both parents?! What if they’re divorced, or widowed?

  5. One of my colleagues recently got retired aged 70. He had to do it so he could help his father on the farm.

  6. Jeanne Calment (and other centenarians) could theoretically have done this with her kids. She lived to be 122 years old!

  7. How about they serve more free meals than you do. When you one up them, bring back your post.