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Who is Sherre Gilbert? Glimpse into her Past and Present

Sherre Gilbert is the daughter of Mari Gilbert, who was slain, and the sister of Shannan Gilbert. Bio, Net Worth, Where is she now?

Every person has their own life story. Regardless of whether they are famous or not, a life lived always leaves a mark in history. It is proof that at one point in time, they existed and made their own legacy.

This is why it is important to document the milestones in your life, because one way or another, people are going to look back at them.

Some lives are spent living, while some lives are spent fighting for justice. One of the greatest examples of this is Sherre Gilbert – Mari Gilbert’s Daughter.

In a nutshell, Sherre is known for fighting injustices. Especially for her late sister who died in 2010 due to being stabbed. As a victim of stabbing herself, she is committed to getting to the bottom of the whole story concerning her sister’s death, which remains a mystery until now.

Read on to know more about her life.


Sherre Gilbert’s Early Life

Born in Sherre was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1987, Sherre lived a very hard life. At a very young age, their father left them alone for their mother to tend to. Her late mother, Mari Gilbert who was also an activist used to work at Walmart.

Second, among four sisters, Sherre had a rough childhood because they always had to make ends meet.

This only worsened when their mother introduced a new boyfriend who eventually sexually abused them.

Because of this and many unfortunate and traumatic experiences, Sherre grew up having a severed relationship with her mother, which they eventually fixed as Mari Gilbert died.

Not much information can be found regarding her childhood. One thing is for sure: she continues to fight for justice and seek the truth behind what really happened to her sister Shannan Gilbert.

Sherre Gilbert’s Sister, Shannan Gilbert

As mentioned earlier, Sherre is known for being an activist fighting for justice. But more than this, her main reason is for her sister.

On May 1, 2010, Shannan Gilbert went missing, and her dead body was found a year later on December 13, 2011.

The only lead to her death is her last phone call to 911 where she said that someone was trying to kill her, without any leads about who she is pertaining to. This remains unanswered until now.

Additionally, another loophole that was found in Shanna’s case is that despite initial reports that she died from drowning, the independent autopsy the family did say otherwise. Results showed that she was strangled to death.


Sherre Gilbert’s Sister, Sarra Gilbert Killed Her Mom, Mari

The Daily Freeman reports that Sarra, Sherre’s younger sister, killed their mother on July 23, 2016, with a fifteen-inch knife. A fire extinguisher was used to kill her mother after stabbing her 227 times.

PIX11 learned what happened to Mari from John Ray, the Gilbert family’s attorney. As Sarra’s lawyer explained, she had invited her mother to take a look at her apartment because she was hearing voices. Sherre was the first person she called.

Trying to see if her daughter was alright, the mother of four lost her life.

Sarah Gilbert

Sherre Gilbert

Coincidentally, 10 corpses were also found in the same area Shannan’s body was found, four of which also died from strangulation. While there are other reasons behind Sherre Gilbert being an activist, the strongest reason is this.

Because her sister Shannan was a sex worker, and other sex workers also suffered a painful death as Shannan did, Sherre made it one of her goals to get to the bottom of these blatant killings.
Facts About Sherre Gilbert

  • While there is not much to say about her father, it is reported that Sherre Gilbert’s father suffered from drug addiction.
  • Sherre Gilbert’s sister, Shannan was a sex worker.
  • Netflix turned their family and life story into a film entitled Lost Girls (2020).
  • One important clue that can be crucial to her sister’s death was that she met with a man named John.

This is speculated to be strongly linked to John Bittrolff, a resident in their place convicted of murdering two sex workers.

Sherre Gilbert was the reason why authorities found out that her sister, Sarra, killed their mother by stabbing her more than 200 times and hitting her with a fire extinguisher. Initially, she was the first person that her sister Sarra called.

Thomasin Mackenzie Played Sherre Gilbert In The Netflix Film

In 2020, Netflix released a film about the Gilbert family. The role of Sherre was played by actress Thomasin Mackenzie of New Zealand.

In addition to appearing in several crime docuseries and television movies. Sherre has also played herself in some other movies dealing with the death of her sister and mother. There are also ‘Search for a Serial Killer’, ‘Disappeared’, ’48 Hours’, and ‘The Killing Season’.

Netflix biopic Lost Girls

Who Killed Her Sister, Shannan Gilbert

NBC New York reports that police initially concluded Shannan drowned due to accidental drowning. An autopsy determined that the cause of death was difficult to determine.

An independent autopsy was conducted on Shannan’s remains after some time by a forensic pathologist at the request of the Gilbert family, led by their mother, Mari. In the report, her death was confirmed as being the result of homicidal strangulation. As such, she was missing a small bone in her throat, which indicated that it was broken when she was killed.

After finding Shannan’s remains, the police found the remains of ten other people on Gilgo Beach a few days later. It’s interesting to note that four of the victims of strangulation were sex workers.

Who Killed Her Sister, Shannan Gilbert

Sherre Gilbert Spoke For her Sister’s Death

Authorities refused to treat Shannan’s death as a homicide despite finding her body during an investigation into a suspected Long Island serial killer. Her family continues to search for answers to this day.

When asked why she believes it was a homicide, Sherre stated that all of the slain women, including her sister, were escorted. Moreover, she says her sister went to meet a man named John before she disappeared.

According to OK Magazine, Shannon became a victim of the Long Island serial killer, according to Sherre and her mother.

Despite her sister’s desire to work as a sexual predator, Sherre revealed she had other dreams. Her dreams included becoming an actress, singer, and writer.

Where is Sherre Gilbert Now?

After everything that she had been through, it is speculated that she now lives a quiet life. She is also reported to have a son whom she tends to, without much information about who the father is.

Additionally, she is also well involved in various social organizations but chooses to be private about her personal milestones.

While the call for justice will never waver, the time will come when she has to heal and move forward, even if it means living a new life.