Who Is Shaun Holguin? Jodie Sweetin’s ex-husband and Police officer

Shaun Holguin and Jodie Sweetin

Shaun Holguin. The failures of his marriage, career, and romance. Holguin rose to fame as the ex-husband of Jodie Sweetin.

After several years of marriage, the former couple divorced. Why did they divorce? When they separated, Jodie’s career was in even worse shape.

Several years have passed since the previous lovebirds split up. Is Shaun still in love? Has he married again? Let’s find out!

Shaun Holguin – Married Life

Currently, the officer is single. Jodie Sweetin, his former girlfriend, was married to him previously.

The two met in 2000 and began dating shortly thereafter. They exchanged vows two years later, on July 27, 2002.

As a result of Shaun’s wife’s involvement in a bad company and drug use, their marriage did not last. In 2006, he divorced his drug-addicted wife because he couldn’t trust her for an extended period of time.

Their relationship resulted in a child, but no information is available about that child.

It is not known if Shaun is dating anyone after their divorce. But shortly after, his ex-wife began dating Cody Herpin, who is a film transportation coordinator.

In July 2007, the couple tied the knot after dating for two months. On April 12, 2008, she gave birth to a daughter, whom they named Zoie. Unfortunately, they separated shortly thereafter, and in 2010, they divorced.

Shaun Holguin and Jodie Sweetin

Who is Jodie Sweetin First Husband Shaun Holguin?

A police officer for LAPD Shaun Holguin is from Los Angeles. His favorite sport is tennis. However, the officer doesn’t give much information about his parents or other early experiences.

Shaun’s family members include Eric Holguin, Ruben R Holguin, and Marsha M Ayers, according to Whitepages.

His date of Birth and Childhood

Originally from Huntington Beach, California, Shaun Holguin was born on June 29, 1978. Shaun spent most of his childhood in California with his family. American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity are characteristics of Shaun.

Shaun and Jodie’s Wedding

In 2002, Shaun and Jodie got married. Los Angeles’s First Congregational Church hosted the couple’s ceremony. Family and friends watched the couple walk down the aisle.

Candace Cameron, a former Full House co-star, served as matron of honor at the wedding and her daughter Natasha served as flower girl.

When Did They First Come Across? The Couple Engaged a Year Before Their Nuptials
Shaun met his then future-wife in the late 2000s.

Their relationship began slowly. According to Holguin, he proposed to Jodie in May 2001 at Casa Del Mur in Santa Monica, California.

Shaun Holguin and Jodie Sweetin

The Reason Behind Their Separation

According to several credible tabloids, the two divorced after Sweetin’s drug addiction. The couple married when she was 20 years old.

In an interview with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford on TODAY, the actress revealed that after her first marriage, she became addicted to drugs. As she explained,

“At the time I started doing the hard drugs, the methamphetamine and coke and stuff, it was a lot easier to hide than drinking.”

Jodie began drinking alcohol at 14 and began using hard drugs like cocaine, Ecstasy, methamphetamine, and crack.

Sweetin was placed in a rehabilitation facility in late 2005 while she was still married to Shaun. She returned to her entertainment career after being released from prison, but not without sacrifice. In 2006, she divorced Shaun. At that time, Jodie was facing many difficulties in the industry.

She landed a job at a Los Angeles drug rehab center as a clinical logistics coordinator following her recovery.

Who Is Shaun Holguin Married Now?

Former celebrity spouse Stacie Holguin has been reported to have married for the second time. They also have children together. Although Shaun and Stacie are rumored to be married, neither has spoken much about their relationship.

Shaun resides in Corona, California. However, he has remained out of the spotlight since his divorce.

Net Worth Of Shaun Holguin

Shaun Holguin’s net worth is still unknown. A police officer’s basic salary is around $90,491.99.

Meanwhile, Jodie, his ex-wife, is worth $2 million. It goes without saying that the actress has primarily collected such a large amount from her work in movies and TV shows.

Social Media

The social media handles of Shaun Holguin are rarely updated. A few people follow Holguin’s official Facebook page, and to date, he has only posted one photo. He does not use any other social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter besides Facebook.

Jodie Sweetin

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