50 Sexy College Halloween Costumes That Are Trending

Some college girls prefer creative or scary costumes, but others want a hot Halloween costume that will be remembered for years to come. We have last minute Halloween costumes for you to choose from. College students enjoy partying during Halloween.

In choosing a scandalous outfit, you should ensure that it is both sexy and stunning without crossing into trashy territory. You can create a DIY costume that will impress your friends by combining the sexiest ideas with affordable and easy pieces.

It is not uncommon for Halloween to be stressful. Getting a costume can be more of a hassle than anything else, between midterms and the guilt of wasting money on an outfit you’ll wear only once and then throw away. You don’t have to purchase anything, and you can create plenty of options from your very own closet.

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas and DYI Designs

Barbie Costume

You can make a Barbie costume at home if you are a college student searching for a stunning Halloween outfit. Whatever look you choose, you should complete it with a scrunchie and cute makeup, whether you wear a beautiful dress, a short skirt and pink crop top, or leggings and a bodysuit.

Sexy Barbie Costume For Girls

Sexy Ken and Barbie Costume

Frat Boy Halloween Costume

Bring a pastel button-up shirt, dangerously short shorts, and some boat shoes to look like the Haas frat star you’ve always wanted to be.

Frat Boy Halloween Costume

Wolf of Wall street Halloween Costume

Sexy Wolf of Wall street Halloween Costume


A fairy costume can be a fun and cute way to complete your look. Wear a strapless dress with matching wings and a light-up wand to channel your inner nymph. Make your outfit stand out by adding shiny makeup and glitter.

Sexy College Fairy Costume Idea


Make a cute costume by dressing up as a cat. Your only requirement will be a black leotard or mini dress with black tights and booties. Add ears and paw gloves to complete the look and you will be the cat’s meow! You can take the style a step further by dressing up as catwoman or incorporating an animal print to create a cheetah costume.

sexy black cat costumes

Black Cat Custume Idea

Police Officer

Don a sexy police officer outfit and get ready for some pat-downs. Accessorize with a plain cap, dark sunglasses, and handcuffs while wearing leather shorts and fishnet tights.

Police Officer college costumes


Dress up as a mermaid this Halloween to make a splash. Most of these items can be found in your closet, so you can easily recreate the look. A shimmery sheet tightly wrapped around your waist will represent a tail fin when worn over a bright bikini top or bra. Add a few seashells from the shore to complete the look.

Sexy Mermaid Costume Ideas

Mermaid Tail Costume Ideas

Borat Halloween Costume

Good Borat Halloween Costume

Forplay Halloween Costumes

Sexy Forplay Halloween Costumes

Go-Go Girl

Be a 70’s go-go girl and get into the groove. You should wear a mini dress with bell sleeves to make your outfit stand out. You should wear a pair of tall, white go-go boots, a matching headband, and statement earrings to complete the look. Make your hair loose and add a touch of glitter to your eyelids and cheeks, and prepare to dance!

Matching go go girl costumes

Greek Goddess

Greek goddesses need not be members of sororities. It is sufficient to wear a plain white dress for this outfit. Wrap yourself in a sheet if you do not have one. Gold jewelry such as a drop necklace and bangles should be worn with a gold belt around the waist. Complete the look by wearing shiny gladiator sandals.

Bold Sexy Greek Goddess Costume


Make an alien costume that is out of this world. Silver, green, or purple skirts should be worn with matching bandeaus. Metallic shoes may also be worn. It takes a little more creativity to create this look in terms of hair and makeup. Your hair should be braided or banned in elaborate styles. Add a splash of color to your hair by wearing a bright wig or spraying it with glitter. Apply glitter and pastel colors to your face as part of your makeup.

Easy Alien Costume Idea

Dirty Dancing Halloween Costumes

Dirty Dancing Halloween Costumes

Dominatrix Halloween Costume

Dominatrix Halloween Costume

Playboy Bunny

Playboy bunny outfits are among the hottest costumes for college Halloween parties. It is recommended that you wear a solid black sleeveless leotard and matching black tights to recreate this ensemble. Make the tail of your leotard by sewing a large white cotton ball on it. Any costume shop will have bunny ears available for purchase. Put a black bowtie on your neck and white wrist cuffs on your wrists to complete the look.

Sexy Playboy Bunny Costume


Dress up as a vampire this Halloween and take a bite out of life. For a simple, but fun look, wear a black or burgundy velvet dress, black suede over-the-knee boots, and fake fangs.

Vampire Costume Ideas For Girls

Sexy Vampire Costume Ideas For Girls

Fairly odd Parents Halloween Costume

Fairly odd Parents Halloween Costume

Huggy Wuggy Halloween Costume

Huggy Wuggy Halloween Costume


Be a barmaid for Halloween and pass the drinks around. This outfit can be created by wearing a solid mini skirt and a corset over a white off-shoulder top. Make sure you always have a beer stein with you and that it is filled to the brim.

Barmaid costumes

School Girl

With a sexy schoolgirl costume, you can earn all A’s and become the teacher’s favorite. To create this seductive outfit, you will need a plaid skirt, a white crop top, and white thigh-high stockings. With the addition of embellishments or additional pieces, this look can be further enhanced. Wear a blazer if it is cold outside. Wear glasses and style your hair in pigtails to become the hot nerd.

School Girl Costume For Guys


In addition to being fun and easy to make, a zombie costume for Halloween can highlight your attractive features as well as your adventurous personality. Wear a black bra and shorts that show underneath an oversized white tee for a costume that is more sexy than scary. The only thing you need to do is splatter fake blood or red paint all over your shirt and face.

sexy Zombie costumes


Wear a cheerleader’s uniform to get everyone in the spirit. Wear a matching crop top and skirt if you do not have one. It is possible to stitch or pin the letters or logo of your school. The outfit can be completed with pom-poms and a pair of comfortable white tennis shoes.

Cheerleader Vampire costumes


If you decide to become a gypsy, you will have a great time. Match your wrap skirt with a solid crop top or blouse in a colorful, patterned pattern. To create a mystical look, wrap your head in a silk scarf and wear a belt made from fake coins. Jewellery should include gold hoops, chunky necklaces, gemstone rings, and gold bracelets.

College Gypsy Costume


With a slutty nurse uniform, you can give your friends a heart attack. Dress in a short white dress with fishnets and red stilettos if you are on a budget and do not wish to invest in a ready-made costume. A nurse’s hat can be made from paper or cardstock, with red tape for the piping, and a first aid kit should always be available.

Sexy Nurse costumes for couples

Sexy Nurse costumes for couples


Whether you live near the beach or just love the water, this lifeguard outfit will make you look like a hot Baywatch babe. A simple one-piece red swimsuit, optional white shorts, a whistle, and an emergency fanny pack are all you need to complete this costume.

Lifeguard costumes For Men

Lifeguard costumes For Girls


Wear a firefighter costume to demonstrate that you are too hot to handle. A white crop top, red suspenders, and a plastic firefighter hat will keep you putting out fires all night long. You will receive bonus points if you own a Dalmatian as a pet.

Firefighter costumes for men


You can make yourself look like a naughty convict this season with a cool prisoner costume. With a white crop top or a black and white striped shirt, you will look like a smooth criminal. Whether you wear an orange prison jumpsuit or simply black pants, you are sure to stand out. For the perfect mugshot, finish your look with a handmade inmate sign.

Prisoner couple costumes for men

Prisoner costumes for men


Dress up in a military costume to go commando. It should not be difficult to find a pair of camouflage shorts or pants that you can easily pair with an olive or black top. Finish the look by swiping some black paint on your cheeks.

Military Costume Zombie Military Costume For Men

Jack in The Box Halloween Costume

Jack in The Box Halloween Costume

Halloween Costumes With Sunglasses

Halloween Costumes With Sunglasses

Fight Club Halloween Costume

Fight Bold Mean Club Halloween Costume

Fast Food Halloween Costumes

Cool Looking Fast Food Halloween Costumes

Exorcist Halloween Costume

Scary Exorcist Halloween Costumes


Candyman Costume

Dexter Halloween Costume

Dexter Halloween Costume

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