Scariest Wild Animal Encounters

In this video, we go over how humans interact casually with animals. How their behaviour is sometimes inappropriate, deliberately provocative, ill-informed or careless, and this can have catastrophic or even deadly consequences.

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The outcomes of such encounters, which often result in people or animals suffering injury or even death — seem all the more tragic because they could have easily been avoided, had the human participants practised a little more common sense.

Here are the Top 10 Scariest Wild Animal Encounters. For more videos about things, you didn’t know about fast food products be sure to subscribe to need money and join the money gang!


  1. Now you know how the animals feel. It's not all fun till they eat you alive. Scary. One time, this small zoo , I'm just an arm's length from the tiger. No other protective barrier. And when I looked down from where I'm standing (a metal bridge like a short walkway, about 8-10ft high), just below were a pack of crocodiles with big mouths open. What if somebody got pushed from that bridge? Falling straight to the croc's mouth?

  2. 4:40 OMG that rhino coming in with the birds chillin on him made my life 😂 honestly, that whole clip was unreal. i rewatched it at least 20 times. peep the bird at 4:45 picking the rhino's left nostril (viewers perspective) :') lmao. symbiosis at it's finest. i hope he found a decent meal in there.

  3. Maybe the nitwit was trying to ride the ostrich? He seems very close.
    These are all pretty much examples of how wildlife express their annoyance with pesky humans…..get OUT of my face!!

  4. the people in the cage were hilarious. reminded me of my cat playing with toys. lol The lion that was attacking car was so skinny. 🙁 🙁

  5. What if lions try to eat all four rubber tires and then smash window of CAR.., I mean try to be mordenize by sending daily vehicles in jungle, just for new way can be harmful