Same shit, different day

Same shit, different day


  1. Haven’t you ever seen star trek? You wouldn’t have time to laze around like that. Just passing through a random nebula leads to 3/4 of all the systems going off line and sparks start flying from every control console. Constant excitement!

  2. The not spoken about downside of colonizing Mars: the first few decades are going to be spent clawing and scraping out a way to survive. You go from being one of the smartest people on Earth to a subsistence farmer who occasionally gets to look at samples under a microscope.

  3. Well… except you would have to do cardio a couple of hours each day, eat all your food from a tube and poop into a vacuum hose. And velcro yourself to the wall to sleep. Also, [every infection you get has superpowers](, [your eyes don’t work very well]( and [having sex is problematic](