Riddles That Will Stump You Every Time – Answers At The Bottom

Medium-to-Extremely Hard Riddles
Medium-to-Extremely Hard Riddles

Riddles That Will Stump You Every Time

If you’re solving something like a puzzle, then your brain would produce dopamine, which is essential for learning. Riddles can trigger our brain into forming a number of neural connections to find solutions for the questions thrown at us.

Thinking is one of the top mental activities that can bring us information and help us find a meaningful solution. This is one of the main reasons that solving riddles can help us improve our brain functions. Therefore, we should be doing them on a daily basis.

What is a riddle?  Riddles have been proven to have a great impact on your brain and how it
works. It has also been proven that it can help you as you get older and that
you can rewire your own brain to work better.

Here are a few riddles for kids, what am I riddles, a pregnant woman riddle & some hard riddles


The Answers will be at the bottom

1. What is one time that a man can have an empty coat pocket, but have something in it at the same time?

2. What has both wheels and flies but is not an aircraft?

3. There are two of us, and we are sisters. We are on different sides of aroad, but we are unable to view each other. Can you tell what we are?

4. Can you deduce what has a corkscrew on one side and a power socket on the other?

5. Who buys this but has no use for it, makes it but doesn’t need it, and uses it but can’t feel it or see it? What is the item?

6. When I am in the first stages of my life, I am taller than I will be than when I am in my last stages. Can you deduce what I am?

7. If you dropped me from a tall building, I would be fine. If you put me in the water, I would die. What am I?

8. What type of room has no windows or doors?

9. What can you feed to make it live, but give it a drink and it will die?

10. A prisoner was told, “If you tell the truth, I am going to shoot you; if you tell a lie, I am going to stab you.” What should the prisoner say to save his life?

11. I have water, but no fish live in it. I have mountains, but with no trees to speak of. I have towns, but I have no homes. Do you see what it is that I am?12. I am in the middle of April and March, but I am not at the beginning or end of either month. What am I?

13. I am surrounded by wood, but I came from a mine. Everyone always uses me. What am I?

14. What is something that belongs to you that everyone else uses?

15. Think of what snow looks like, then think of what clouds look like. Before you think of anything else, what does a cow drink?

16. How is the number seven different from the other numbers between one and ten?

17. You eat me first, but then you get eaten. Can you deduce what I am?

18. What will always be in a minute and twice in a moment, but it will not be present in a thousand years?

19. How is it possible to have you stand physically behind your mother, while she is standing behind you as well?

20. I run, and it runs. When I stop, it still runs. What is it that I
am speaking of?

21. The eyes will harvest, but the hand will sow.

22. The first will appear higher, while the second is wet. The whole can be something that ties, but there is also a writer’s cramp.

23. I have left my campsite, and I hiked south, then east. I continue to the north for 3 miles each time, exactly. When I came back to my campsite, I saw a bear. What colour is it?

24. If I have at least one daughter, I have less than ten daughters, or I have more than ten daughters. Only one of these statements is true. How many do I really have?

25. Some say I am green; some say I am red or yellow. Some play with what we are,and others spray us instead. What is it that we are?

26. You use me to stop, but you can take me to smoke. I stop, and I am a stop. I am the pool’s first stroke. What am I?

27. What would be the most romantic part of the ocean?

28. A man found a photograph. His friend joins him and asks who is in it. The first man explains that he has no siblings, but in the photo, the man’s parent is his parent’s son.Can you deduce who it is in the photo?

29. A woman was standing at the side of a river. Her cat is on the other. She calls to the pet, and the pet crosses. Not a single drop of water has touched the pet, and there were no devices in place to help the cat cross. How did her cat manage the task?

30. Can you determine which is the odd one out? Snap, letter, mood, or stun?

31. If a sundial has the least amount of moving parts of any timepiece, what has the most?

32. What word has five letters but will become smaller if you add a duo of letters to it?

33. If your parents have six sons and you are one of them, and each son has one sister, how many people are in your family?

34. You have a class of students. Fourteen of the students are boys. Eight of the students wear blue shirts. Two of the students are neither male nor wearing a blue shirt. If five of the children are boys who wear a blue shirt, then how many children would be in the class?

35. If Paul has a height of nine feet, and he works in a butcher shop while wearing size-twelve shoes, what would he weigh?

36. What has no legs, is brown, and has a head and tail?

37. If a monkey and a squirrel are both climbing at the same time, which one will reach the banana first?

38. What is something that will cease to have its head every morning, but will be able to have it again when nightfall arrives?

39. You have one jug of milk, and you need to measure a single cup. How can you achieve this if you only have a three-cup measuring container and a five-cup container?

40. If two fathers go fishing with their two sons, and they each catch a fish, why did they only bring home three fish?

41. I was a stone inside the tree; I help your words live. If you push me when I stand, I will have less, the more that I move around. Can you deduce what I am?

42. There is light, and it’s the only place I can live. If light shines on me, however, I will die.

43. What sits when it stands up and jumps when it walks?

44. What has to be broken before you can use it?

45. What begins and ends with a T and has T inside it?

46. What is something that you can hold without using your arms?

47. It has been around for years, but it is never older than a month. What is it?

48. What has a single thumb, four fingers, but is not alive?

49. Three doctors said that James was their brother. James himself has said he has no brothers. Is James lying, or is the doctor lying?

50. If you remove the first and second from me and then remove all of the others, I will still be unchanged. Can you deduce what it is that I am?

51. I am a box that has no locks but holds keys. My keys have the power to unlock your deepest senses. What am I?

52. What has a single eye but is unable to see?

53. A woman in a hotel room is startled by a knock on the door. When she opens it, a man apologizes and explains that he thought it was his own room. When he leaves, the woman instantly locks the door and phones hotel security. Why was she so frightened of the man?

54. I have the ability to fly, but I do not have wings. I am able to weep; however, I do not have what is necessary to see. The dark will always follow me, no matter where I go. Can you deduce what I am?

55. I am often bought for consumption, but no one will ever consume me. Can you guess what I am?

56. I am hard at the beginning and soft in the middle, and if you use me to blow, you will need to have a good amount of air. What am I?

57. Mr. Owens was killed on a Friday afternoon. His wife said she was reading a magazine and was innocent. The chef claimed that he was making breakfast and was innocent, as well. The maid had been folding clothes, and the butler was taking a shower as his mother was helping the gardener plant carrots in the garden. Who killed Mr. Owens?

58. What is a seven-letter word that becomes a one when you remove four?

59. I’ve been all around the world, and yet I never leave the corner. What am I?

60. What is something that you have that, the more you make, the more you leave behind?

61. What is something that breaks as soon as you speak its name?

62. A King has no heirs and no Queen, and he holds a contest to see who his heir will be. He gives each child of the kingdom a seed and promises that whichever child has the largest and most beautiful plant will earn the throne. It’s a metaphor for his kingdom. At the end of the contest, each of the children came back to the palace with an enormous and beautiful plant in their hand, each expecting to be the next ruler. He looks at all the children’s plants but finally decides that a little girl who has an empty pot is going to be the next Queen of the kingdom. If he had promised that the one with the most beautiful plant would win, why did he choose the little girl over all of the other children who had plants that grew?

63. At a funeral for her mother, a woman met a man she had never seen before. Upon seeing the man, she immediately fell in love at first sight. When the funeral is over, she tried to find him,
but couldn’t. Several days after the funeral, she killed her sister. Why would she kill her sister?

64. What is the type of dress that you were never able to wear?

65. What would you find at the end of a rainbow?

66. If you have this and then share it with other people, it’s instantly gone. What is it?67. If you open me, you cannot see me without the use of a mirror. If you close me, you will not be able to see me at all. What am I?

68. What type of tree can you carry in your hand?

69. What is something that rich people need, poor people have, and if you eat it, you die?

70. I am able to be cracked, and I am able to be made. You can play me, or you can tell me. What am I?

71. If I am something that is always being responded to, though I never speak with a question, what am I?

72. I have hands, but I am unable to clap. What am I?

73. I am present in the sun, but I am not in the rain. I have one colour but more than one size. I can fly, though I am stuck at the bottom. I feel no pain and do no harm. What am I?

74. I do not have breath, but I am alive. I am always drinking but never thirsty. What am I?

75. I close one eye, though you beg me to keep it open. I have three eyes in total but only one leg. What am I?

Riddle Answers 

1. When there is a hole in it
2. A garbage truck
3. Eyes
4. A pig
5. A coffin
6. A candle
7. A piece of paper
8. A mushroom
9. A fire
10. You will stab me
11. A map
12. The letter “R”
13. Pencil lead
14. Your name
15. Water
16. The number seven consists of two syllables, while the others
only contain one.
17. A fishhook
18. The letter “M”
19. Stand back to back to your mother.
20. My watch
21. To write and to read
22. A hyphen
23. White. It is a polar bear, because the only place you could
hike that way and end up where you started is the North Pole. Polarbears are the only bears on that part of the Earth.
24. If I have daughters, then two statements are true. Therefore,
I do not have any daughters at all.
25. We are pepper.
26. Brake/break
27. The buoy meeting the gull.
28. His son
29. The river was frozen.
30. Letter. It’s the only one that doesn’t make sense when you
read it backward.
31. An hourglass, because of the grains of sand in it.
32. Short
33. Nine. There would be two parents, one daughter, and the six
34. Nineteen
35. Meat
36. A penny
37. Neither. It’s a coconut tree, and not a banana tree.
38. A pillow
39. You will need to fill the 3-cup container and then pour the 3
cups into the 5 cups. Repeat the process and fill the 5cups all the
way, and what’s left from the 3 cups would equal a single cup.
40. The group has a grandfather, father, and son.
41. A pencil
42. A shadow
43. A kangaroo
44. An egg
45. A teapot46. Your breath
47. The moon
48. A glove
49. No one was lying. The three doctors were James’ sisters.
50. A postman
51. A piano
52. A needle
53. No one would ever knock on their own hotel room door, and
the man did.
54. Clouds
55. Cutlery and plates
56. Gum
57. The chef because he said he was making breakfast. Mr.
Owens was killed in the afternoon, not in the morning.
58. Someone
59. A stamp
60. Fingerprints
61. Silence
62. The king had given each child a fake seed so that none of
the plants would grow, and the little girl had been the only one
honest enough to not switch the seeds to make herself look better.
63. She killed her sister because she wanted to see the man
again, and she figured out that the only way she would be able to
see him again was at her sister’s funeral.
64. An address
65. The letter “W”
66. A secret
67. Eyes68. A palm tree
69. Nothing
70. I am a joke.
71. A doorbell
72. A clock
73. I am a shadow.
74. I am a fish.
75. I am a traffic light. You beg the light to stay green as you

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