Retail work in a global pandemic is on another level [oc]

Retail work in a global pandemic is on another level [oc]


  1. A few months ago, we installed big, plexi-glass shields at each register.

    So naturally, the customers just step around them and stand next to you.

  2. I work with a woman who speaks with a lisp and soft r’s. These masks make her very difficult to understand. When we ask her to repeat herself she yells and gives everyone the silent treatment. Problem solved?

  3. My favorite pre-covid customer quote ever was ‘You’ll have to speak up, I’m wearing glasses.’

    Working retail is it’s own special kind of hell, working it during covid must be a kind of super hell I can’t even imagine.

  4. This is nothing. I’ve seen at least a dozen people pull down their masks to sneeze/cough.

  5. Suffering from a severe hearing impairment, mask had made it a pain to understand people since I can no longer read lips. Gotta constantly ask people to repeat themselves.

    Edit: so many people telling me “well you don’t need to remove your mask to hear!” I never said that. BUT if you really wanna go down this rabbit hole

    1. In sign language a majority part of your vocabulary is in facial expression and lip reading, not just signing. Signs are just words, your expression is how you say those words. I’m not saying dont wear masks but this does make things difficult.

    2. There should be a plastic screen between them anyways

    3. Many people are still having difficulties adjusting, more so older people, not really appropriate to call struggling people idiots just because they are having a hard time.

  6. I’m thinking the logic behind this is if he can’t hear you, there is an equally good chance you can’t hear him. Whether there is any truth to whether you can hear him or not, probably doesn’t actually register.

  7. It’s not just retail either. At my bank I’ve had to arrange stuff on either side of my plexiglass shield so the customers have to stand behind it if they want to be able to see me, because they were constantly standing to the side of it and leaning over the counter.

    Last week I saw a woman pull down her mask in order to look up her PIN on her phone. WHY.

  8. The best part is when they remove their mask & lick their finger to separate their money.

  9. I had a customer complain that she felt unsafe with so many customers being in the store for their vaccines. They were social distancing and properly wearing masks. Meanwhile she pulled her mask down while at the register so she could see her phone better…

    Edit: The phone was already unlocked and she did not wear glasses.

  10. A few months ago I was in a pizza place waiting to pick up a pizza. There was a customer in there chatting quite loudly with the staff behind the counter while he was waiting for his food to be done. They were a bit behind schedule so I was waiting too. He was one of those loud personality types where you can literally see spit flying out while he talks because he’s projecting his voice like a stage actor even though he’s just making small talk.

    Anyway, the entire time this guy is at the counter chatting, literally visible spraying spit across the counter, paying for his food, picking it up, he has his mask pulled down so it’s only around his neck/chin.

    When he finally turns around to leave and walk back *outside* what does he do? Finally pulls his goddamn mask back up. Some people are just below the basic level of common sense understanding required to function in society.

  11. I also have a plastic shield in front of my desk and people will lean their stupid heads around it, pull down their goddam mask, and breathe straight in my face to ask, “Where was the bathroom again?”

  12. Yeah I hear a ton of this shit from my daughter. She works retail for the last 12 months has repeatedly been asked “Why are your changing rooms closed?!?!?!”. Despite the well known pandemic, them being closed the last YEAR, the signs on the doors saying “Due to COVID, fitting rooms are closed”.

    My favorite is after being total assholes, they think they are punishing her by telling her they are leaving and never coming back.

    The only punishment is they do in fact come back.

  13. Probably because the costumer thinks you can’t hear him well either. Which actually is the case for me if the costumer is a mumbler and we get a lot of mumblers.

  14. I just said to a lady the other day that I could hear her with her mask on 🤦‍♀️ every time she talked she pulled it down

  15. Once a customer who was trying to get his notes out of his wallet starts to lick his finger to get grip but his mask was obviously in his way. After three or four attemps he realizes that and continues by pulling of his mask and starts sucking his thump in order to proceed getting his note to pay… I cant even tell if he was serious or just plain stupid

  16. Not that it’s a contest, but at least that customer is wearing a mask in the first place.

    If only I were that lucky.

  17. Knowing how fucking stupid most people seem to be I couldn’t work in retail, I’d end up punching someone.

  18. I work in a coffee shop and just yesterday we had an old man insist we re use his paper cup for a refill. I politely declined and told him we’d give him a clean cup. He yelled back “I don’t care about COVID, the case numbers are low.” I am pregnant and unvaccinated. This guy didn’t even think that maybe I COULD get sick from touching dirty cups all day. Tired of my co workers giving-in to these assholes to avoid confrontation.

  19. I used to work in retail earlier in the pandemic. One of my customers thought it was okay to lean right around the perspex screen so I could hear them better. Another one nearly popped their head through the gap in the screen while taking their mask down…

  20. I really don’t know why but for some reason if you work retail its just the kind of job that attracts stupidity.

    2 years of working retail was enough for me to never want to work that kind of job again. Certainly didn’t help that my store manager was a fucking moron who got his position due to someone higher up that he was related to.

  21. Yeah people pull masks down to talk all the time, even other workers do that. Why put the mask on in the first place then?

    Retail workers should get the vaccine right after medical staff, change my mind.

  22. We have this one lady who never seems to have a mask, I have to give her one every time she comes in. Last time this happened I was commenting to another customer that you’d think people would get with the program after a whole year of this crap. He wholeheartedly agreed – then proceeded to pull his mask down to sneeze…