Real Ghost Caught on CCTV Camera!

Pooja decided to install wireless cameras at various places in the house, which record Nimmi playing with what seems like a ghostly apparition. Tarun’s mind starts reeling as he sees the captured footage; it is proof enough for the disturbed family to finally decide to leave the house.

Movie: Bhoot Returns

Ram Gopal Varma is back & with his first 3D horror film Bhoot Returns a sequel to his film Bhoot. Eros International & Alumbra Entertainment presents to you ‘Bhoot Returns’ marking the comeback of actress Manisha Koirala along with her co-star J.D. Chakravarthy and Alayana Sharma.


  1. lol……….thats a child playing, what a joke, 1st of all, ghost does not consist of matter – she has mass, which is not possible for "ghosts"

  2. I was waiting for the clown on the shelf to do something, but absolutely nothing happens in this video. If people did actually decide to move after watching this, they would be the dumbest people ever.

  3. I saw ghost many times in my school years 1990s, the ghosts are literally short notice 36" or less, and red hair, they're living by the river, once a year upside-down the big Rock position, we were ghost hunter with poor camera, pictures or audio cassettes types, πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ€”