Real Ghost Captured on Camera Disturbing our Cats

Hey everyone. This video was captured during a vacation my mom and I took last December. We’ve been holding on to it for our own reasons. I know this is a channel based on film making so it’s easy to believe this was altered in some way. Our cats were very aggressive and on edge as soon as we arrived back home. We checked our security camera to see if something unusual happened and to check the footage of our house sitter who is a good friend of mine. Nothing was found beside this disturbing clip.

Something is seen entering one of our rooms which really grabbed our cat’s attention. Soon after, something moved the door. The camera panned over to the wall and stayed there until we came home (the next night after this video was captured).

Everything was fine besides there were a few books on the floor and a few thick clumps of cat hair spread throughout the hallway which is usually a sign of catfights (which our cats don’t do).

It would really help if you all shared this video so it can gain some attention so others can comment on what they see. Our two cats names are Calvin (one by the door) and Daisy (on the bed).


  1. I heard strange noises in my house…I said, "Anything evil in this house, get out, in the name of JESUS CHRIST." Then my hubs started to walk out the door. I said, "Where are you going?"

  2. Your babysitter decided to sleep in your house incognito instead of leaving and coming back in a couple of days. The signal shows the t.v. is on fascinating the cat.

  3. 1) The behavior of cats is not characteristic of a paranormal presence, they do not seem worried.

    While in general this terrifies them and they run away from danger or hide at ground level to protect themselves or prepare to run, their positions are then on the trigger, front and rear legs in semi. tension ready to leap to escape.

    I think it's fake, because at 0:49:
    2) the seat of the sofa is changed
    3) the table moves in the cut
    4) and the cat on the ground is no longer in its place in the progression.

    Big Fake!

  4. Something similar happened to me and my cat only I was awake. I heard a murmur when I opened my front door. My tv switched itself on and off and my poor cat was darting everywhere with wide eyes. A few days later I discovered my neighbour had passed away.

  5. Well must be friendly spirit it opened and shut the door after the 2nd cat came threw: my friend had lost her mother and father died with in few years apart,every time he/she come's in they just stare ,They was not scared at all .If i belive if it was a evil spirit comes in to a room cats were hiss and dogs will bark.

  6. You can see the shadow walking and what looks like long fingers or claws .All animals can see and feel things sometimes we can't I've caught things on my cameras as well . It seemed to start for me 2 yrs ago. Cats dogs deer ducks chickens are all jumpy like something is chasing them.just scared ALL THE TIME . All electronics going crazy..anger.fighting.and no motivation for everybody in the house .my house is filthy and it's like I have NO ENERGY and 7 different doctors x-rays MRI blood say not a damn thing is wrong but ALOT of my family n friends are having these things too .2020 was Bad…PRAY ..IN THE NAME OF JESUS .PRAY

  7. I have 10 cats and all for them are scared to take photos because when cats see's Camera at night they look this way itself not a ghost πŸ˜’πŸ˜

  8. if this is real, why dont you explain yourself to those people who ask why you end the video so abruptly and other questions? this is suspicious that you dont answer them

  9. This is fake everyone. If you notice the clothes/materials on the chair change position just before the table starts to wobble. The camera shows the different position as the film is edited. Have you nothing else to do but produce fake rubbish and call it real. Anyone with a fairly decent editing software can do this stuff…anyone.

  10. if this video is reall, then go on youtube and search this '' surah albaqrah last 2 ayat'' and play first clip loudly in this room , I assure you this creature will run away from home , make this for 7 days , and play this clip 3 times in a day … first two or 3 days you feel that something happened , after three days you feel very better , please just 1 time trust me and then see result after 7 days,,, May GOD bless you , May you live long with lot of happiness…. take care bye bye