Real Ghost Captured on Camera Disturbing our Cats

Hey everyone. This video was captured during a vacation my mom and I took last December. We’ve been holding on to it for our own reasons. I know this is a channel based on film making so it’s easy to believe this was altered in some way. Our cats were very aggressive and on edge as soon as we arrived back home. We checked our security camera to see if something unusual happened and to check the footage of our house sitter who is a good friend of mine. Nothing was found beside this disturbing clip.

Something is seen entering one of our rooms which really grabbed our cat’s attention. Soon after, something moved the door. The camera panned over to the wall and stayed there until we came home (the next night after this video was captured).

Everything was fine besides there were a few books on the floor and a few thick clumps of cat hair spread throughout the hallway which is usually a sign of catfights (which our cats don’t do).

It would really help if you all shared this video so it can gain some attention so others can comment on what they see. Our two cats names are Calvin (one by the door) and Daisy (on the bed).