Rage quitter

Rage quitter

Rage quitter from funny


  1. The removal of the second sock is his response to “Are you sure you want to quit? Any unsaved progress will be lost.”

  2. His power spin is not bad. He should work on that instead and win the olympics in a few years.

  3. Where’d you get this footage of me trying to reconnect the printer to the laptop two times with no avail?

  4. “YOU KNOW WHAT, FUCK YOUR STUPID FEET CLOTHES.” As a person that never wears socks at home, this baby gets it.

  5. Hes going to go on to invent spray on shoes and wont be able to remove them, prompting his whole class to make fun of him

  6. This is why the terrible two’s exist: mentally, the kid’s able to conceive of what he wants to say/do, but his fine motor control needs to catch up. That has to be incredibly frustrating.

  7. Sign him up for discus toss. Great form. Starts low, builds velocity as he rises and releases.

  8. Why this stupid … why don’t you … you know what!? Fuck you than stupid sock! AND YOU ASWELL! i fucking hate socks.

  9. It would be funny to show the “human tantrum timeline” starting with baby and ending with 85 year old

  10. So upset at one failure that he destroys the work he’s already accomplished.

    A baby should not be this relatable.

  11. I feel the same when McDonald’s lies about the ice cream machine being broke after I have sat in the drive through for 15 minutes

  12. Alternatively, i see a baby with the persistance to go far, just a little more direction; can only begin to imagine whats going to happen when he discovers competion.