Positive Affirmations to Make a Part of Your Daily Self Care Ritual

positive affirmations

What is Self Care? How Are Affirmations Part of It?

Self Care is the art of taking care of oneself; not just care, but good care. Self-care entails the idea of loving yourself enough that you don’t look for outward validation of your self-worth. This leads to a stronger personality with a bolstered mental health.

Seems like a daunting task, doesn’t it? How is someone supposed to love themselves when they are fully aware of all their flaws and shortcomings? The answer is simple. You don’t need to hate your flaws to be able to improve upon them. A mere acknowledgment is enough for you to be able to set yourself on the path to self-improvement.

This is where affirmations come into play. Affirmations are positive statements that project your dream future self into the present. By speaking ‘I am beautiful.’, you are creating that reality for yourself where you are shifting your perception of beauty to see yourself as a pretty person. Similarly, people who constantly affirm their positive thoughts, have overall amazing mental health. The reason for this is simple.

Every positive thought generates the idea of possibility. When you say ‘I am rich, at the very least, you are making your brain accept the fact that you can be rich. This is a huge step towards actually achieving that dream that you have been meaning to achieve for so long.

What is the process of creating positive affirmations for yourself?

Today, affirmations are having a moment. The wellness industry is touting their benefits, but are they as promising as they seem?
In the beginning, I was skeptical about affirming myself because it seemed so self-indulgent, but I’ve learned how beneficial they are to my mindset as time goes on.

Positive affirmations can come in any form. It could be writing, speaking, listening, or even reading positive sentences about your desired future. Though it is proven that some of these mediums are more effective than others, they are still very effective on their own. It is scientifically proven that writing things down makes your brain absorb the information deeper.

The same goes for speaking. Hence it is most effective to write or speak your dreams into reality.

There are certain rules to it that you might want to keep in mind:

1.  They need to be positive: Never say ‘I am not ugly’. Always say ‘I am beautiful’. Similarly, never say ‘I am not dumb’. Always think that you are smart. Negating the negative words does not make you sound like a confident believer of the fact.

2.  They should always be in the present tense: You don’t ‘want’ to be rich. You are. Saying ‘I am rich’ makes it a part of your perceived reality, hence making your brain think that it is.

3.  Always say it as a fact: Confidently stating it as a fact makes you a believer of the reality that you are creating. And since reality is whatever we collectively choose to believe in, it soon turns into a hard fact.

Now that we have covered what makes affirmations so effective and cool, let us see some of them.

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Here are 20 positive affirmations your need to include in your self-care ritual:

1. I attract positive things in my life.
2. I am enough and I am very loved.
3. I will face many challenges but they are impermanent, and I have the strength to overcome them. My challenges will make me a better version of myself.
4. I am in control of all the decisions that affect my future.
5. I further my career with every action I take.
6. I find love everywhere I go.
7. It is my pleasure to be alive, and I am grateful to experience the simple delights of each day.
8. My joy is secure on its own. It is independent of other people’s acceptance or perception of me.
9. My body responds to my calming feelings, and I exude energy and fitness.
10. I am happy with myself. Everything I do eventually leads me to a place that is filled with joy, fulfillment, and learning.
11. My career brings me financial abundance. My money carries the power to change my life for the better.
12. My colleagues love my work and appreciate the passion I do my work with.
13. I am a healthy person with an abundance of days to cherish.
14. I love my work and am very passionate about the difference I make while doing it.
15. I choose to treat people with love even when it is not reciprocated because I am a compassionate person who believes that the universe will always be good to me.
16. I take care of my body, and in turn, my body looks exactly the way I want it to look.
17. I love myself a lot.
18. I am very rich.
19. I am incredibly beautiful.
20. I am a powerful being.

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The world is full of negativity. By giving yourself an isolated place of positive thoughts, you become a lot more mentally stable and secure. So you guessed it right- Self Care needs to become a priority for you.

It is true that our thoughts make up one’s life. However, our thoughts should not be our only source of inspiration; we must translate our ideas into words and ultimately into actions to realize our intentions.