This Math Teacher Is making Money Teaching Calculus on Pornhub

The newest star on Pornhub is a Taiwanese teacher who gives a 50-minute, fully-clothed Calculus class. Taiwanese man named Changhsu .

Taiwanese math teacher Changshu explains difficult math problems while fully-clothed and safe-for-work lessons on PornHub.

What comes to mind when you think of Pornhub is probably pornography, don’t you? It is a porn-packed site for a reason. A math teacher, however, noticed something was missing: math.

Changhsu, a 34-year-old Taiwanese man, taps away at a green chalkboard while speaking a steady stream of Mandarin in the depths of Pornhub.

On nearly every one of his 226 videos, he wears a gray hoodie and black-rimmed glasses, and he never once performs anything remotely po*nographIc. Pornhub is where he teaches calculus.

Teacher makes A living on PornHub

Having earned a master’s degree in mathematics, Changhsu has taught online and in Taiwanese cram schools for the past 15 years, a program that provides supplementary learning classes to students who are determined to get better.

He lectures on YouTube, and he will develop an online course with his own dedication. He is a fantastic educator, according to his 520 positive Facebook reviews, most of which are variations of, “Nice teacher!”

Changhsu saw Pornhub as an opportunity to spread his numeric gospel last year.

“Since very few people teach math on adult video platforms, and since there are so many people who watch videos on them, I thought that if I uploaded my videos there, a lot of people would see them,”

It’s true that non-pornographic videos like “I Deliver You a Pizza and Don’t Put My Weiner in It” or “Minecraft Tips and Tricks 3: Fast and Free House” aren’t uncommon on Pornhub, but Changhsu appears to be the only math teacher on the website.

Changhsu even attempted to extend his reign to other adult websites such as XVideos and XNXX but was refused

“those platforms know which kinds of videos are adult and which aren’t, and they forbid them.”

However, Changhsu uploaded to Pornhub under his username changhsumath666. He had hoped that the peculiarity of teaching calculus on a porn site would spark conversation and increase his overall reach.

Changhsu and Pornhub

“People may not be interested in my videos, but they’ll all know there’s a teacher who teaches calculus on an adult video platform,”

According to him, more than 60 percent of his Pornhub subscribers come to the channel for a laugh rather than to learn calculus.

According to Changhsu’s videos, many of them run for longer than 50 minutes, and they employ technical titles such as “Differential Application Chapter 4: Differential Extremum Method” and “The Focus of the Limit Chapter 4: Theorem of Limit Operations.”

Even so, you may be tempted to click on one if it pops up while you’re browsing Pornhub, then the “Recommended” sidebar will direct you straight back to real porn once you get bored with calculus.

Changhsu’s strategy for gaining popularity has been effective so far. He has 1.6 million people who have viewed his videos on Pornhub. He says it drives them to his more profitable online course.

“Many students who need a teacher who can teach math know me through Pornhub, and some of them buy my course,” he says.

In total, his online course generates 7,500,000 New Taiwan dollars (over $250,000 U.S.) per year. He uses it to pay his bills and pay his employees.

Pornhub users have been embracing Changhsu’s lessons with great enthusiasm. In addition to being a verified Pornhub member, the comments beneath his videos are mostly welcoming and wholesome.

For instance, a user by the name of Hanimechann says, “Thanks, I needed this for my math finals”. Another who goes by RobertsHoles writes, “This guy will do anything to reach his students!”

It’s comments like these that keep Changhsu going. “Reading them, I know there are people who know what my real plan is,” he tells me.

However, there are also a few comments that bring Changhsu down. For example, a user known as EnemySpiderMoment, “Uh, not what I expected to see while looking through Pornhub today.”

“I can still feel his or her negative emotion from that sentence,” Changhsu says.

Changhsu has bigger plans for his future than Pornhub. The platform is merely a means to an end for him. Pornhub is not where he wanted to teach math. He wanted to promote himself as a calculus teacher from Taiwan.

Things You Might Not Know About Pornhub

  • Pornhub boasts more than 22 million registered users – just under half the number of Americans who are registered members of a gym (Statista, 2015).
  • There’s about 173 years’ worth of content uploaded to the site.
  • Pornhub Premium launched in 2015 and now has more than 1 million signups.


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