How Did Paul Wesley and Ines de Ramon Meet?

paul wesley ines de ramon

Ines de Ramon, Paul Wesley’s secret wife, discovered in 2019 that they were secretly married. But how did all of the pieces come together?

Vampire Diaries is known to many of you for Paul Wesley’s role as Stefan Salvatore. For a long time, this actor was one of Hollywood’s most sought-after bachelors, but not anymore.

“The Vampire Diaries” launched the career of American actor and film producer Paul Wesley.

In addition to Ian Somerhalder, this Hollywood heartthrob starred with beautiful actress Nina Dobrev.

During the filming of TVD, there was much speculation about Nina Dobrev and Paul being secretly dating.

The actors, however, admitted that they actually hated each other for a very long time, dispelling all of these allegations.

Despite not being an actor, Innes de Ramon is quite successful in her own right.

In addition to being a health coach, she is also a social media influencer, as well as an avid fitness enthusiast. A lot of stars actually hire her to set up a workout regime and develop nutrition plans for them.

As she prefers to keep her personal life private, little is known about her past or even her birthplace. The whole nature of their relationship is a bit mysterious – she keeps her personal life private as well.

How did Paul Wesley meet Ines de Ramon?

Their relationship probably began around 2018, but they kept it under wraps for a long time.

Even their closest friends and parents were in the dark about their relationship. Additionally, they chose not to post any pictures of themselves on social media, believing that other people’s interference would only damage their relationship.

paul wesley ines de ramon

It’s hard to keep secrets in Hollywood

There are a lot of photos showing the lovely couple relaxing at exotic beaches and fancy restaurants.

The couple’s wedding rings were first revealed by a reporter in 2019, who took a picture of them wearing rings.

When it comes to their relationship’s history, their first meeting has not been disclosed yet.

However, their past relationships aren’t as secretive. At least in Paul’s case.

In early 2004, Paul began dating American actress Marnette Patterson, who played Christy Jenkins in the TV series “Charmed”. It took them about a year to decide to separate after spending about a year together.

Wesley began dating Torrey DeVitto in 2010, a popular actress and fashion model known for her role in “Pretty Little Liars”.

Originally, Torrey was Paul’s first wife; they were married in 2011 but divorced two years later for an unknown reason.

What does Ines de Ramon do for a living?

Ines is a fitness enthusiast, social media influencer, and health coach from the United States.

paul wesley ines de ramon

Fan theories?

There is a popular belief that the actor became infatuated with Phoebe Tonkin, his co-star on “The Vampire Diaries”.

While it’s unknown if the rumors are true, the two did date for several years before parting ways in 2017.

The marriage of Paul and Ines has so far proven to be very solid despite Paul’s tendency to walk into new relationships often.

They still don’t have children, and many people think that one of them is actually infertile because they haven’t had children yet.

These claims haven’t been debunked, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t true. Their relationship has been pretty quiet, so it’s not surprising that they don’t comment on these kinds of things.

Does Paul Wesley have a kid?

Marlon Lewington, the actor’s son, was born in 2014 to Nadine Lewington, who he married in 2009. Currently, he is starring in Roswell, New Mexico for the CW.

Why did Paul Wesley change his name?

Pawel Wasilewski was born on July 23, 1982 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, as Stefan Salvatore, star of The CW’s hit television drama “The Vampire Diaries.”. After changing his name in 2005, he stated that “My birthname is too hard to pronounce… I asked my family for permission to change it, and it really helped my career.”

paul wesley ines de ramon

Is Ines de Ramon in Vampire Diaries?

Is Ines de Ramon playing a role in Vampire Diaries? Although she isn’t an actor, it is evident that she is fond of the cast as she has been seen celebrating the show’s anniversary on several occasions with Paul.