Out of comfort zone.

Out of comfort zone.


  1. I’m going to speak from my experience losing a limb is not like going outside your comfort zone.

  2. I find this joke funny !!

    Nevertheless I find it would be more accurate if the outside part of the arm dissolved or caught fire (on picture 3, and some falling ashes in 4) because although the comic strip gets the joke through it actually suggests that *the issue isn’t outside the comfort zone*, but the border itself.

  3. I KNEW there was a reason why I wanted to stay in my own bubble. Screw the rest of the world

  4. This is my new favorite comic of yours. I’m predicting frontpage reddit with 30k + karma yes.

  5. I hope this is only taken as a joke to everyone lol would be disastrous if everyone thought this as fact

  6. Man these posts really belong in cringe comps.

    So self defeating. Literally the psychology of Self Prophecy right here. Does anyone else think this culture of making relatable content helps feed into depression, anxiety and the lot of illnesses?

  7. Luttle did tommy know the apocalypse killed his family the bubble kept him safe at all cost

  8. This is exactly what happened to me once I got bored of my day to day and started trying new things. Pulled muscles, injuries you never knew you could get, a health problem manifests that was sparked by new activity, unexpected expensive problem comes up. It’s definitely worth it to try new things but this comic is so spot on haha