Once-in-a-lifetime great white shark experience caught on tape

Researchers looked at photos of a shark they concluded could be the legendary “Deep Blue,” seen off the coast of Hawaii.



  1. She is massive than I ever seen, but you cant touch a predator of this size cause she pregnant and you don't really know how she gonna react even if you studies on the sharks this is freaking risky like I cant imagine.

  2. Wie kann man zwischen einem Grossen Weissen Hai und das Boot schwimmen,nur wegen ein paar fotos sich so in gefahr zu bringen,
    ist verrรผckt.

  3. Idk why people are okay with swimming with these things. Like you wouldn't approach a bear in the woods, so I dont understand why a shark in the ocean is an exception

  4. Hey, at least when you're on this team you know they'll never miss that important image of you being eaten by arguably the biggest of all sharks. LoL
    "Thats when I got the really cool picture"

  5. what gods do i need to pray to to live as this animal
    it doesn't even sleep it just kills things all day and f***s if it feels like it

  6. Cool but crazy one of these days your gona get eaten u know they explode out from the deep where u can't see them just being in the water with them your at risk if they decide to eat u nothing u can do about it,just a matter of time before something bad happens.Stay tuned because next is someone dead yup dead

  7. Yeah and it didn't attack them because it wasn't hungry luckily for them Because I don't care what anyone says it's a wild animal n a hungry wild animal will eat anything!

  8. For you people that believe sharks donโ€™t want to eat people talk to ww11 vets that were in the ocean after there ships sink they will tell you a much different story

  9. Shouldn't be testing that shark. Meal by association will get that shark killed if it thinks cages, boats and divers = food. Selfish people, not impressed

  10. Bro why is it whenever I see videos of Deep Blue everybody is always like "Oh, look at her belly! Shes pregnant!" Well God damn deep blue becomes pregnant more then a girl on prom night man lol

  11. like any creature in later years the stomach becomes distended. The shark certainly looks old and knarled when close up. she`s not necessarily pregnant. Now that we know orcas kill great whites and of course people do it`s unusual for one to reach this age.

  12. Yeah sharks don't consider humans food… normally. Their means of satisfying their curiosity is to bite first. Sometimes they may also mistake humans for seals which they definitely hunt. There is always a news story of someone getting bitten by sharks nearly every month. Don't be one of those stories.