Not mine – but I thought this was a good one

Not mine – but I thought this was a good one


  1. Oh man, good thing that car is made of hopes and dreams instead of petroleum byproducts….

  2. Every Tesla owner has some snarky license plate. I’m starting to think the dealership picks them out

  3. Yes and when your giant mobile ipad has a minor electrical issue enjoy not having that 10k ( friend of mine knows this first hand lol)

  4. Even if they charge using solar, producing the plastics to create the panel created more pollution than the panel will offset in its lifetime. Of course I could be wrong but I think I read that somewhere on the internet.

  5. I think some of the comments here might be confused. I don’t think this is about using gasoline, or at least not completely. Tesla cars do not need regular oil changes like a ICE car. While there will be some grease in the bearings, electric motors don’t require a bunch of oil like an ICE.