My mom told me her clock was broken

My mom told me her clock was broken

My mom told me her clock was broken from funny


  1. about a month ago I fixed my Mom’s clock by plugging it in.

    2 months ago I fixed their wind up clock, by winding it up.

    and somehow my younger brother is still their favorite – LOL

  2. That was some sophisticated IT work there. You should write 3 hours on your work sheet and take an early lunch.

  3. So back when I worked customer support for Nintendo, we would occasionally receive calls from customers telling us their console had stopped working. We had a usual script to go through, but many of the questions were always asking for position of things, or colors of lights, etc. For example, we would ask what side the power button on a Wii U was. Depending on which side the button was on, we would ask them to try to flip the console over and try it again. At this point most customers would be confused, but we would tell them just to see what error code pops up when they do that. Flipping it over would ‘fix’ the issue. Most of the time with that error, the console was originally upside down but you couldn’t just ask ‘is your console rightside up,’ since most people would routinely answer yes. People don’t always see or accept that a problem could be caused by simple mistakes.

  4. My wife got a new smartphone and couldn’t figure out why her camera took such blurry pictures. I peeled off the protective plastic and everything was fine.

  5. True story. Back in ’73 my mum, who wasn’t going through the best of times after separating from my dad and moving to Barcelona, had one of those old analog triangular bedside clocks. One morning she woke us up, that is my sis, me & bro, 7, 8 and 9 and sent us off to catch the school bus a couple of streets from where we lived, as we normally did. We felt a bit odd as we didn’t see much activity in the street but proceeded to wait for the bus anyway. After a little while two couples very elegantly dressed as if they’d come out if a nightclub approached us and asked us with suprise why we where there. We explained and they told us it was 1am! They kindly walked us back home to our flat where my mum had gone back to sleep. Once they managed to get her up and open the door they explained the situation. My mum checked the clock and to everyone’s dismay realised she’d set it upside down the night before, so that rather than being set for 7am it was set for 1am! We all still laugh about it ever time it comes up in conversation, usually to remark on my mum’s absent mindedness !!

  6. About 2 months ago I bought a new soundbar. I was so excited to install it because my tv speakers weren’t great. After getting everything installed, I cranked up the volume and it sounded muffled. I thought that the factory EQ settings were just bad so I grabbed the manual out of the trashcan and saw that there was a display panel on the front of the soundbar but mine didnt have one. After 20 minutes of playing with the EQ to no avail, I realized that my soundbar was facedown on the fireplace mantel.

  7. My grandmother told me 2 of her lamps had broken and she needed to get new ones. One was unplugged and the other needed a new light bulb

  8. Ah, just like the ol’ 710 cap on the car, and the NOINO bagels my friend tried to get.

  9. Turns clock upside down. Take a video turning it the right way up. Blames it on a silly mum —> internet points

  10. I’m not being rude or mocking her (I know tone is hard to gauge online) but I would honestly check if anything is wrong. If this is real then it seems like her mind may be easily confused and that could be an early warning sign for some cognitive issues.

  11. What do you say to someone who does this? I mean, I wouldn’t want to say “you’re an idiot, the clock was upside down”. But at the same time, just silently ignoring it and saying “it works now” makes it so the person can’t correct for that mistake in the future.

    I’m one who always at least tries to explain why something happened. But I also try to not make the person feel embarrassed if it was something stupid, like putting the clock upside down.

  12. I was working the customer service counter once a long time ago at our neighborhood grocery store. This mid 50s woman comes up kind of frustrated and I asked her “How can I help you?”

    She responded in a huff “Well I’d like to return this hand soap I’ve been trying to get it to pump for hours-”

    I spun the handle counter-clockwise and it popped out, I pumped it a few times and soap came out.

    She just said “Oh you had to spin it…”