My cousin wanted to know why the museum had a painting of their uncle

My little cousins wanted to know why the art museum had a painting of their uncle πŸ˜…


  1. You should buy the outfit. Claim you traveled forward in time, then see if they will let you take your painting home

  2. What was Keanu Reeves like back then? Is it rude of me to assume immortals know each other?

  3. Wait a minute, that’s my neighbor!

    And my old landlord actually…

    I might have also worked with that guy……

  4. because he’s a famous immortal, born 782A.D. he rose to prominence as a scholar in the baroque period. He’s let himself go a bit lately and likes a quiet life.

  5. How would you be their uncle if they are your cousins? A bit confused on that point.

  6. Your cousins are morans. The bigger question should be WHERE THE HELL is he keeping that sweet ass costume.

  7. I am hearing a Tardis β€œwhoosh” in the distance… too bad you did not have the sound on your phone. You could have a good time with that!

  8. Yeah chief, I wanna know why they’ve got a picture of you too! You gonna just leave us hanging?

  9. The painting is of Nathaniel Hurd, c. 1765, by John Singleton Copley. It hangs in the Cleveland Museum of Art (though there may be other copies in other museums?)