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My Hero Academia: Major Flaws Of The Anime That Fans Ignore

The anime My Hero Academia is beloved, but do its fans ignore these flaws? My Hero Academia has gained acclaim from critics and fans alike, not to mention numerous awards

Since it was first released a few years ago, My Hero Academia has gained acclaim from critics and fans alike, not to mention numerous awards for its original world and empathetic characters. A balance between the protagonists and antagonists is necessary, with the protagonists being generally sweet and conscientious (aside from Bakugo), while the antagonists are complex and troubled.

However, there are a few problems with My Hero Academia that are hard to ignore, and many of them can be easily dismissed as insignificant. Despite its flaws, the anime’s masterful storytelling shines through.

My Hero Academia

There Are No Differences Between A Society Of Quirks And One Without Any

One would anticipate that a society comprising mostly Quirks would be very different from the real world. There is no mention of particular clothing, vehicles, or housing for heteromorphs – individuals with physical mutations requiring such changes. In addition, based on the fan theory that My Hero Academia is set in the late 21st century, the technology in My Hero Academia doesn’t look any more advanced than that of 2020.

Author: Kohei Horikoshi
Published: July 7, 2014
Volumes: 36 (List of volumes)
Episodes: 114 + 8 OVAs (List of episodes)
Genres: Shonen manga, Comedy-drama, Action manga, Science fantasy, Superhero comics, Comedy

Lots Of Characters Keep Making Appearances

My Hero Academia

It’s true that most anime contains a plethora of characters, but My Hero Academia takes it a step further. At UA Academy, dozens of students have been named, each with their own backstory, powers, and emotional range.
Together, there are well over 100 Pro-Heroes and Villains. Despite creating diversity, this also makes it difficult for casual watchers to follow.

Children Are Sent Into Battle For What Reasons?

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia’s rules tend to favor the older characters because almost all of them who become Heros must fight much stronger and more capable villains than they are.

It’s unclear whether the teachers or parents of these students are aware of the consequences. Academe just decides to send them into battle, and while they aren’t exactly on the front lines, they are constantly in danger. It’s not only about being powerful that makes you a hero; maturity is essential.

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Bakugo Is Excessively Aggressive

my hero academia Bakugo

It’s not surprising that children bully other children, but Bakugo’s treatment of poor Midoriya is abusive.

Several fans have expressed distaste for this character’s aggressive behavior, but his actions are generally viewed as part of adolescence and can be excused. Bakugo is not a flaw in the anime, but he would be a lot more helpful if he could calm down.

There are a few pro hero rankings that fall short

Hero Billboard Chart JP determines the ranked Pro-Heroes in Japan based on factors such as their strength, number of solved cases, popularity, and so on. Apparently, the Hero Public Safety Commission uses complicated math in order to come up with their final rankings.

However, a few positions on the chart don’t make sense, for instance, Crust, the #6 Hero, perishes during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, but Kamui Woods (#7) and Gang Orca (#12) almost effortlessly sail past their terrifying opponents. Kamui is also better known than Crust, so there seem to be randomized factors mixed into the ranking formula.

The Mechanics Of Some Quirks Are Illogical

Shoto Todoroki’s Quirk, Half-Hot Half-Cold, is a troublesome paradox. Although he claims he can empower each side of his body, reducing recovery time to zero, that’s not how heat flow works. A dog named Principal Nezu, on the other hand, is just as bizarre.

In addition, there are quirks like Muscular’s Muscle Augmentation and Momo Yaoyorozu’s Creation that reject scientific laws but to be fair, you do not have to suspend factual disbelief when watching shonen anime.

Mineta’s Behavior Hasn’t Changed, Why Is That?

Characters in a story are expected to either show growth or face repercussions for refusing to become better people. Mineta doesn’t act any different than he did before, and he is still one of the most perverted leches in anime history.

The majority of Mineta’s classmates ignore or laugh at him, and only a few of them comment on his behaviour. The majority of people find it unacceptable.

The motives Of The Main Villain Remain Unclear

All For One seems to be defeated by All Might in their final duel, after which he is transported to Tartarus by the authorities, who fail to question him. In the end, All For One is freed by Nomu and Tomura Shigaraki who then deliver a soliloquy about his ascent to the top of the demon world.

My Hero Academia has no demons or lords, so the metaphor is plausible, but why he says that remains vague. As a result, audiences are constantly left wondering what All For One actually wants.

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You Can Use Your Quirk In More Ways Than Just Becoming A Hero

Anime children are eager to become heroes and carefully study for exams set by hero training centers in Japan. There is no other option for those who fail, which makes them dejected, but the story seems to suggest that there is no other choice for them. In contrast, people with healing Quirks could become doctors, those who have energy Quirks could create power, and those with destructive ones would find a place in construction. Desperately wanting to be a hero implies the need for attention.