Daughter sucks her top lip in, figured out who it reminded me of

My daughter sucks her top lip in all the time and I figured out who it reminded me of


  1. I started watching that show recently, and it’s funny. At the beginning Bubbles just seemed weird and annoying, and I hated Mr Leahy. Now I’m on season 11 and I’ve got to say, Bubbles and Leahy are the best part of the whole show. Ricky is just stupid and annoying, and Julian is basically Silent Bob, so he barely contributes. Bubbles and Leahy are always doing something hilarious.

  2. Are those glasses real? Looks like they must weigh a ton.

    Have you considered contracts? I’m pretty badly myopic and it’s just so much better with contracts I think.

  3. Is this a thing? My daughter used to do the same thing… lasted about a month, never to be seen doing that face again afterward.

  4. Your baby looks so cartoonish, with that square head, small face, big shiny eyes and the expression. (Jokes aside, beautiful little thing)