The Ayam Cemani
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World’s Most Expensive Chicken Ayam Ceman: What Does it Taste Like?

Over the last few years, the Ayam Cemani has certainly been the talk of the town.

Seeing as it is an entire blackbird – inside and out – it is not surprising then that it is closely associated with the Dark Arts, especially in its own nation of Indonesia.

Their availability is currently limited, and they are very hard to acquire (reputable US breeders are always sold out ).

This chicken is believed to be a rare breed native only to Indonesia. It is the most expensive chicken in the world. The bird is highly revered in this country because many believe it holds magical powers and is revered as a good luck symbol. Furthermore, they have a solid black colour, giving them an unusual appearance. But most importantly, the Ayam Cemani is popular for its luscious meat, which is sought after by people all over the world.

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What is the price of Ayam Cemani?

Depending on the size and health of the chicken, you can expect to pay between $2,500-$5,000 for one of these hens.

Where Can I Get Ayam Cemani? Why Is Ayam Cemani Costly?

Several factors account for the high price of this chicken. Mainly because they are difficult to breed, it is not uncommon for hens to have problems laying eggs, and they can only produce an average of 80 eggs per year. After laying 30 eggs, hens take a month-long break from egg-laying before starting back up again.

Since this chicken is only native to Indonesia, it’s scarce to find it anywhere else in the world. Once found in Europe, the chicken’s population began dwindling as consumers become obsessed with it. The geographic difficulty causes meat and eggs to be expensive to ship to other countries, which leads to consumers having to pay a lot for them.

The Ayam Cemani

Ayam Cemani: Why are they, Black?

The black skin colour of Ayam Cemani comes from a condition called fibromelanosis. A large amount of pigment in the chicken tissues is believed to be responsible for this condition. EDN3 overproduction results in pigmentation. Ayam Cemani chickens naturally possess this gene, but more than necessary, resulting in a vibrant black appearance.
The feathers of this chicken are completely black, but sometimes they have a turquoise tint when exposed to the sun.

Are Their Organs Black?

It might surprise you to learn that a chicken’s internal organs are black. Its features, combs, wattles, bones, and meat are all black, as are most of its parts. But they have a white-gray tongue and very dark red blood, not black.

Do Ayam Cemani Lay Black Eggs?

Although their bodies are completely black, their eggs are not. Eggs from Ayam Cemani are cream-coloured but with a light pink tint.

 What Do They Taste Like?

Some people claim Ayam Cemani tastes a bit more savoury than regular chicken meat. Once cooked, the texture is also softer, making it easier to cut. Even though some diners may find it surprising that the meat remains black after cooking, this rich pigment is believed to enhance its flavour.
Ayam Cemani meat, unlike regular chicken meat, contains numerous antioxidants that protect the eyes and reduce inflammation. Moreover, it contains low amounts of cholesterol and acts as a protein booster, making it a healthy snack to consume.

The Ayam Cemani

Here are the pros and cons of owning Ayam Cemani chickens:

Ayam Cemani Pros

  • Beautiful breed with a distinctive appearance.
  • Large enough to fit in a small area but doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Friendliness and gentleness are the characteristics of this personality.
  • It is relatively low maintenance – not too complicated.
  • An inquisitive breed that can be fun to keep.

Ayam Cemani Cons

  • It can be costly to obtain – a chick could cost hundreds, adult thousands.
  • Probably difficult to obtain due to the rarity.
  • They have fairly powerful wings and can even fly from an open-top enclosure.

The Ayam Cemani

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