Mayonnaise Ice Cream Is A Thing

Mayonnaise Ice Cream Is Somehow A Thing |


An ice cream store in Scotland has created a mayonnaise-flavoured ice cream, and opinions of it are very divided. Not everyone loves mayonnaise, but those who love it can be crazy about it.

For the mayo-lovers out there, now it’s possible to enjoy it as a dessert.

Although it may seem strange, mayonnaise is actually used in many dessert recipes to lock in the moisture of cakes.

Technically, mayonnaise is simply a mixture of egg, oil, and vinegar, and these are ingredients usually found in baked goods. For example, adding a bit of mayo to a chocolate cake will give it a light texture and keep in the moisture—making the cake delectable.

The oil makes the cake more tender while the vinegar slightly intensifies the chocolate flavour. With such successes as a cake ingredient, mayonnaise ice cream could work well.

The Ice Artisan Ice Cream in Falkirk is credited for coming up with mayonnaise-flavoured ice cream. Kyle Gentleman, the owner of the store, says that the flavour was born out of his love for mayo. He says the ice cream recipe is simple: add some Hellman’s mayonnaise in his homemade dairy ice cream mix. The reaction to the flavour has been polarizing; some condemn the creation, while others would cross oceans to try it.

Mayonnaise is definitely not the only out-of-the-ordinary flavour that’s served at the Scottish ice cream shop.

They’re also known for serving flavours like Monster Energy Drink and Strongbow Cider. Other shops around the world also sell unconventional flavours, but it’s hard to know if people actually enjoy them or buy them out of curiosity.

For example, markets in South Korea sold squid ink ice cream for some time, and an ice cream shop in Delaware sells Ghost Pepper Ice Cream for all the daredevils out there.

Needless to say, we have our fair share of strange ice cream flavours if we want them.

The attention-grabbing flavours could also be a good marketing tactic for getting your store’s name out there, and perhaps people will try the other flavours as well. From mayonnaise to ghost peppers, ice cream flavourings have become more bizarre, but we buy them anyway. Either way, one thing’s for sure: it would be better to buy mayonnaise ice cream instead of just eating it straight from the jar.