Marilyn Monroe (1962)

Marilyn Monroe (1962)


  1. Also I’m aware this should be Showa era Godzilla and not Heisei due to the period, but artistic license.

  2. gonna take a lot of ppl a lot of time before they notice Godzilla coming. and by then? they’ll be dead

  3. She’s an attractive woman but I always felt sorry for her. The way she was brought up and used and abused was just sad.

  4. I really like watching the old Godzilla movies (especially the heisei era) but I get Nightmares after watching them with me standing either inside a skyscraper or free on a field with nothing around me and Godzilla approaching from very far away with me having no way to escape. Every time he reaches me It gets dark and I wake up.

    This picture captures my nightmares almost perfectly so thanks for spooking me whlie scrolling.

  5. Ahah, it took me a while to see. For any others to whom the same happened: if you look closely, you’ll see Marylin Monroe on the right.

  6. Dang I thought his name was Godzilla but guess I was wrong. Also who’s that girl in the orange shirt, is she mothra?

  7. Who’s that lizard in the front? Ruining my view of that beautiful kaiju, Godzilla, in the back.

  8. I’m really impressed. I mean, this is an old school photobomb. Who does Marilyn Monroe think she is photobombing poor Godzilla like this! It’s funny as hell though, I love it!

  9. It’s always weird to me how big her reputation as a sex symbol is, for somebody with such a “average girl next door” look.