Life Adventure – Travel The World

Life Adventure – Travel The World

Travel should inspire, it should be authentic, and it should reflect your passion and personality. Providing this is the driving force at Adventure Life. Travel with us goes beyond the ordinary by connecting with local people who share their hospitality with us, by sometimes getting a little muddy to gain a new perspective on a place, and by daring to make the journey to the world’s most far flung places.

You are the key to what we do at Adventure Life. Bring your personality to your adventure; build it into your travels. We’re here to help you do just that and transform your travels into what they should be – inspiring, authentic, and completely you.

Adventure Life is a company of travellers with a passion for sharing the world with others. Our travel experience runs deep, from years volunteering in rural Africa and Central America, to research trips in Asia, studying in Europe, guiding in the Rockies, and just bouncing around every corner of the world. This deep experience is the reason behind our pioneering approach to travel and award-winning itineraries. Since 1999 we have been creating personal itineraries that immerse our travellers in the vibrant colours of a place, leaving both our guests and hosts enriched by the experience. From our beginnings as a Latin America specialist, we now offer private journeys, small group tours, and expedition voyages throughout the globe. We pride ourselves on our intimate knowledge of our destinations and our dedication to sharing the world.

Flying halfway around the world to someplace I’d never been before was quite an adventure. A different culture, a different alphabet, foreign cuisine, unknown sights and sounds awaited me. Having an adventure is so fun, I thought. Why don’t we bring more of that explorer spirit of curiosity with us in our daily life? What would our life be like if we treated all of it as one big adventure, and not just leave that sense of wonder and excitement to the few weeks of the year when we may travel to some new destination? When set off for a travel adventure of some kind, it strikes me that there are some basic strategies that we naturally adopt. We don’t always use these strategies in how we approach our daily life, however.

Set a Course and Get Prepared: First, you need to decide where you want to go. Planning a trip or adventure requires you to consciously choose your destination. Once you’ve decided where you want to go, you get prepared. You figure out how to get there, what kind of currency and immunizations you’ll need, what kind of clothing you need to bring.

Create an Itinerary: Once the destination has been selected, most of us will come up with at least a rough game plan or itinerary. What do you want to see and experience? How long will you want to stay there? Even if it’s a rough idea, an itinerary provides the starting point and a rough structure for the adventure.

Pack Along Our Curiosity: An important ingredient of any adventure is a strong sense of curiosity. As you set off for parts unknown, you become an explorer, setting off to find out something new and wondrous. You don’t know what that experience will be like and permit yourself to relish that state of “not knowing”.

It’s Not Personal: When you travel, you just know that unexpected things are bound to happen. The hotel you booked is a dive. The only day you have to visit that world-famous museum is the one day of the year it’s closed. Unexpected glitches are inevitable but you don’t take them personally. You surrender to the unexpected and simply give yourself leeway to make on-the-spot changes in your plans. You go with the flow. It’s easy to simply chalk it up to experience and know that you’ve got another good adventure story yarn to share with your friends back home.

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